Logic Pro from A to Z – K is for Kool Key Commands

Logic Pro from A to Z - K is for Kool Key Commands

Knowing which key commands to use and when is what separates Logic Pro power users from the mere mortals. We all have out favourites that we use every day; we all ignore some we shouldn’t, we all have some we can never remember, and some we can never forget – even when Apple decides we should!

Key commands have been the topic of many forum threads and blog posts over the years. I’ve asked my fellow LPE-ers Danski and Doug to kollaborate with me on this post, so that we can share some of our favourites with you.

Danski’s Key Commands

1. Region start to next transient: I have been using this one a lot lately for working with audio files. Works great for files that have silence at the beginning. It tends to put the region start a few samples too late though. I’m not sure if there is a setting to control this behaviour. The default assignment for this one is: Control+Shift+]

01 Region start to next transient

2. First Transient to Nearest Beat: Works very nicely in conjunction with the previous function. It places the newly trimmed region at the nearest beat. There is no default key command assignment for this, but it is freely assignable.

02 First transient to nearest beat

Doug’s Key Commands

1. Play from Selection: I can’t imagine working without such a feature, so simple to start playback from a user defined point, i.e., the start of the selected region. Default key command is Shift+Spacebar

2. Paste at Original Position: I use this all the time in the Score Editor to copy phrases to different instruments. But it works equally well in the Tracks Area on regions and in the Piano Roll Editor, Event List and Step Editor. The advantage is that you never have to worry about the playhead location when pasting. There is no default key command assignment for this, but it is freely assignable.

3. Undo/Redo: Most users use the undo feature, but in my experience not so many use redo. It makes for quick A-B comparisons that I find quite useful. The default key command assignment ifor undo is Command+Z. Redo is Command+Shift+Z

Eli’s Key Commands

1. Move region/event to playhead position: This used to be called Pickup Clock in the old days. I love using this feature to quickly bring whatever is selected right to where the playhead is. I use this as a means of moving regions or notes as an alternative to simply dragging them (or cutting and pasting). The default key command is the semi colon key; no modifiers necessary.

2. Record/Record Repeat: I have an Apple wireless keyboard set up near my drums so that I can control Logic’s transport remotely when I want to record myself playing across the room (my drums are set up at the far end of my studio). I love using this command to immediately delete what I am doing and restart recording from the original place; all in one key command. It saves having to stop, delete, rewind, and hit record. it does it all at once. I have mine assigned to Option+Spacebar.

3. Play from Left Window Edge: I use this a lot when I am editing my voice in my groove3 videos. I use it kind of like a pre-roll to audition in context. It allows me to audition an edit from a little before where the edit occurs. The trick to making it effective is to try and position your workspace and display so that whatever you are editing is approximately in the middle of the screen. I have mine assigned to Shift+Enter.

4. Snapshot Automation. I’ve written about this before; and still find it very useful. You can read more about it here:

Snapshot Automation

Keeping abreast of all the latest and greatest key commands is challenging. No one can possibly know them all. My rule of thumb is that if I am reaching for some menu function more than a few times in a session; I know it’s time to learn the key command. Feel free to share some of your favourites in the comments!

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Eli Krantzberg

Apple Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg is an internationally known author and music software trainer for Groove3. His instructional videos have helped demystify music software such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sonar, BFD, Melodyne, and Kontakt for thousands of users all over the world. Based in Montreal, Canada, Eli is involved in all aspects of audio production. In his studio he works with various artists, as well as on commercial jingles, corporate videos, and original music composition.
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