EQ Tips by PreSonus – a Must Read


A great find by our friends at Pro Tools Expert: Presonus’ “Equalizer Terms and Tips”, a comprehensive article full of EQ tips that covers different types of EQ, EQ ranges, and offers general suggestions as to what frequencies to watch for when shaping the sound of commonly used instruments.

Words of wisdom:

You can only do so much. Not every instrument can or should have a full, rich low end and a sharp attack. If every instrument is EQ’d to have the same effect, it will lose its identity in the mix. Your goal is not individual perfection, it is collective perfection in the mix.
Step away from the mix. Your ears get fatigued just like the rest of you. If you are working particularly hard on one instrument, your ears will be quite literally numbed to that frequency range.
Your memory is not what you think it is. Comparing a flat EQ and the curve that you’ve created allows you to see exactly what you’ve done. So be honest with yourself. Sometimes that EQ setting you’ve been working on for 15 minutes is not the right choice, so move on.
Never be afraid to take a risk. The best EQ tricks were found by mad scientists of sound. “Playing” applies to engineers as well as musicians.

Full article:

Equalizer Terms and Tips

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