Fix Logic Remote Issues after iOS 8 Update

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If Logic Remote does not connect with your Mac running Logic Pro X, GarageBand, or MainStage 3 after upgrading your iPad to iOS 8, take these steps to resolve the issue.

First make sure you’re running the latest version of Logic Remote.

Logic Pro X

  • Quit Logic Pro X.
  • In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder.
  • Type ~/Library/Preferences and click OK.
  • In the window that opens, locate the “” file and delete it.
  • Restart your Mac.
  • Open Logic Pro X.
  • Open Logic Remote on your iPad.
  • Tap Logic Pro X in the Connect window on your iPad.
  • Confirm the connection in the Logic Remote connection dialog in Logic Pro X.


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  • Nikolozi

    After updating to iOS 8, I got so annoyed because Logic Remote stopped working. And I actually did all those steps, having worked with other control surfaces I knew deleting often solved the connection issues. But in this case it wasn’t good enough, it would connect once or twice and then it would stop connecting. I finally gave up.

    Then I read that iOS 8.1 beta solved some bluetooth issues for other people (I don’t connect via BT btw, I always use WiFi), so i thought maybe it fixes this issues as well. So I installed 8.1 yesterday, and haven’t had connection issues since then.

    • Thanks for the info, Nikolozi.

  • Robert

    I also had to restart my iPad and then I was able to connect easily.

  • Tominator

    I have tried every known method to correct this issue, to no avail. Locic Remote works like a dream with GarageBand 10, but it will not stay connected to Logic Pro X in Mavericks. I have pretty much officially given up on it. Life is too short to beat myself to death tryiing to connect these two devices…

    • cosmicfish

      Tominator, have you tried the following:
      Quit the Remote App on your iPad.
      Open the Logic Pro X menu >Control Surfaces >Setup…
      Delete any or all old Logic Remote controllers you can see by clicking on the device icons and deleting them, then close the window.
      Restart the Logic Remote App and connect to Logic Pro X, which it should do automatically.
      You should see a new pop-up window in Logic Pro X to OK
      “Logic Remote : (your ipad´s name) iPad wants to connect to Logic Pro X”.
      OK the window and everything should be up and running.
      In the Control Surfaces> Setup window you will see a new device called Device: Logic Remote : your iPads name.

      • That’s pretty straight forward, don’t you think we have all tried that a thousand times? Still not working 🙁

    • I hear ya man. It’s a nightmare for me too….such a shame cause I was sooo looking forward to playing my keyboard and recording remotely in the lounge. Apple need to sort this out and explain, on both ends….the set up for the iPad and Logic X. It’s not hard Apple, just make it work.

  • Tominator

    I meant to say Logic…

  • magnesi

    Hi I’ve tried the above steps but still can’t get a connection using Garageband (I run a community workshop so want to use this over Logic). I’m using Garageband 10.02 on Mavericks 10.9.3 (don’t want to upgrade to 10.9.5 just yet as I’m a Pro Tools User and it’s not yet supported).

    I’ve made sure my firewall isn’t blocking incoming connections, both the Mac Pro and iPad are on the same WiFi connection. All I get on Logic Remote is ‘Connect’ window. which never seems to move on from as it never locates the application to control, but Garageband is running on my Mac.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • magnesi


      I just found a post on the Apple forum from hoodooh:

      “I have had this exact same problem. I called into Apple and spoke with the senior advisor for garageband about it. He was not aware of the problem and had me reinstall everything, nothing worked. He was going to talk with his engineers and get back with me tomorrow. In th meantime, I have been experimenting with a few different things and found the problem. You have to turn off bluetooth on your ipad, then disconnect your wifi on your ipad and reconnect it to wifi. After that, I was able to connect. ”

      I tried it and it worked for me.

      • Kevin Darbro

        This actually worked for me! Thanks! Bluetooth was already off on my iPad 3, but I disconnected from my wifi on the iPad, and then reconnected. It synched right up with Logic Pro X on Mavericks.

      • This worked for me as well. Turned off both wifi and bluetooth. Turned then back on and viola!

  • joe

    disabling bluetooth on iPad worked for me too!
    Thanks magnesi!!!
    shame on Apple!!

  • killmedj

    Has anyone got this working with Bluetooth?

    • killmedj

      I mean no wifi just a bluetooth connection?

  • Serg

    Hello, don’t see the file on my mac ???

    • It should be in ~/Library/Preferences, not Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences.

  • Alistair Hughes

    Hello, realise I am a little late to this. I have followed this tutorial and I am still getting errors, it first reads something along the lines of “Need to confirm connection on Mac..” which I did. Now everytime I try to connect on the iPad it says “The version of Logic Pro on the slected Mac needs to be ipdated to be compatible with this version of Logic Remote” – I have version 10.0.6 of Logic Pro X, Which version is needed to be compatible? Thanks

    • Danski

      I think you should just try updating Logic Pro X to version 10.1.1

  • Yeah I deleted too and no dice! So annoying. Is there something on the ipad in the settings maybe preventing the connection?

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