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free kontakt instrument cello

Karoryfer Lecolds and Bigcat Instruments released a free Kontakt instrument based on a simple cello sample library, which is intended to be flexible and easy to use. The cello was recorded close-miked, without vibrato, and the samples are completely unprocessed.

According to the creators, the cello samples are especially suited for pop, rock or EDM tracks, or to blend in with other string sample libraries.

  • Total number of samples: 527
  • Download size: 155 MB
  • All notes are sampled every minor third
  • Arco sus – long bowed notes, two round robins and four velocity layers, four octave range
  • Arco staccato – short bowed notes, four round robins and four velocity layers, four octave range
  • Pizz – plucked notes, four round robins, three octave range
  • Arco marcato – long bowed notes with short notes tacked on at the beginning
  • Arco unity – long bowed notes with all round robins and velocity layers played at once and spread in stereo

Audio demo:

Kontakt full version 5.3.1 or higher required. Should work with any SFZ sampler aswell.

For more info and to download the free Kontakt instrument:

Karoryfer Cello

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