Flex Pitch – A Hidden Feature

Flex Pitch 6

There is a potentially useful undocumented feature hiding in the Audio Track Editor’s Flex Pitch mode. It is possible to assign notes to pitches entered by your MIDI controller. Below is how it’s done.

Flex Pitch MIDI IN enabled

You need to do two things to make this tip work:

1) Enable the MIDI In button. It’s found in the local menu bar. It has three modes: Off, Step Input and Overwrite. The default is Off, a single click toggles Off and Step Input, a quick double click puts you in Overwrite mode. The mode we want for this is Step Input. The MIDI icon will turn red.

2) Place the playhead anywhere on the note box of the note you want to re-pitch. It can abut or be on top of the note box.

That’s it! When you hit a note on your controller, it will pitch shift the audio to that pitch, and advance to the next note, ready for pitch entry.

One caveat: Undo doesn’t seem to work on Apple Loops, at least in 10.0.7, so be careful on your edits if you work with loops.

Doug Zangar

Doug Zangar

A Logic Pro user since the late 80’s with its predecessor Notator, Doug has become an expert in Logic Pro and MainStage. He has been an Apple certified trainer since Logic 6, created and leads the Seattle Logic User Group, and has authored numerous video tutorial series on Logic Pro and MainStage as well as other DAWs and plug-ins.

Based in Seattle, he runs Apple certified trainings, teaches Logic Pro for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program Masters in Music degree and tutors individual users. His use of Logic Pro includes writing for film, commercials, web sites and working with singer/songwriters.
Doug Zangar

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  • mtec

    not working here

    • Manny Camacho

      Same here… I got an axiom 49 and it does not work in flex pitch

      • Doug Zangar

        Does it (the keyboard) work in Logic in general?

        Maybe try it on a different audio file in a different project.

        • Manny Camacho

          Yes it does work in general except when I try to use it in flex pitch mode. I already tried a different project and it does the same thing. =( I really need to get some work done……

          • Manny Camacho


          • Doug Zangar

            Sorry Manny, I’m not sure why you’re having the problem. I have an Axiom Pro 49 and it works with this technique.

            It may not be the keyboard – this feature may have some bugs in it – definitely people are having some problems. Remember you can move the pitches manually by grabbing the note box.

          • Manny Camacho

            Bummer…. I hope the logic people take care of this bug soon. Is there a way to paste MIDI notes into flex pitch mode? I know there’s that audio to MIDI technique but, what I would like to achieve is pasting the notes from the piano roll into my vocal tracks in flex pitch mode.

          • Manny Camacho

            Oh, thank you for replying by the way…. =)

          • Doug Zangar

            Welcome for reply. Don’t think what you’re suggesting is possible, regarding pasting in MIDI notes.

            If you want to try one (or more) vocal Apple loops supplied with Logic and let me know what loop(s) you used and what your results were, I’d try the same loop(s) here to see if the results are the same.

  • mtec

    working ok now. just had to press the record ready for the audio track that contains the flex pitch region.

    • Glad you got it to work,


    • Doug Zangar

      mtec – I haven’t had to make a track record ready. My guess is something else is going on, although not sure what. If you happen to find you don’t need to use record enable, please post back.

  • Greg Lacy

    Very cool find, Doug!

    • Doug Zangar

      Thanks and have fun with it.

  • Kristoffer Lislegaard

    Great tip!

    • Doug Zangar

      Thanks, and enjoy!

  • Jason

    Went step by step through the process…..works of course on a midi region but is not working for me on an audio region that has been processed via FlexPitch. Is there maybe a setting that I need to turn on to enable this?

    • Doug Zangar

      It should work – unless there are some bugs in it I haven’t run across. Sometimes closing and re-opening Logic can make things behave. Additionally, have you tried it in another project – just to eliminate any chance there is problem with file corruption (not saying there is, just a possibility)

  • PSW

    Very new to Logic here… I’m running 10.0.7. I have Flex Pitch enabled on a vocal audio track – Have any of you had issues where the audio sounds fine with flex pitch enabled, but in certain spots, during playback, the audio will sound zippered or warbled. I hear this happening even where the note has not been shifted and remains at the original pitch. Any thoughts are very sincerely appreciated 🙂

    • Doug Zangar

      I’ve heard of people having some problems like that, I’m not one of them. Remember flex pitch (and flex time) are effects processed in real time. Your CPU load may be getting up there. Consider doing a bounce in place with the track as a work-around.

  • duhrr

    Got it to work with 10.2.1 & my impulse 61. Huge bummer this won’t work when playing or recording the song…so you can enter in this midi data in real time :(…unless I’m mistaken?

  • Toni Mäki-Leppilampi

    There is a bug with 10.2.4 using this feature: Sometimes the midi input doesn’t work anymore no matter what you do. Only way of making it work that I’m aware of is to create a new track and copy the audio regions to it. Then it works, but it’s a PIA if you have lots of plugins and inserts (and track groups) to work with.

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