Free Vinyl Noise Samples from 99Sounds

free vinyl noise samples

More free audio samples from the kind people at 99Sounds, this time it’s a collection of vinyl noise samples that’s up for grabs.

Free Vinyl Noise Samples

The free vinyl noise samples library contains 37 audio samples in total. It features a variety of vinyl record noises created by Chia, a DJ and producer from Oregon. All vinyl noise samples were recorded on a Numark TTUSB turntable that was connected to Audacity for Mac. The records used to create this library range from 78 RPM records from the 50’s, to 7 inch vinyl records from the 70’s and 80’s. Some of the vinyl noise samples have been taken from modern 12 inch dance records.

The samples are unprocessed: no EQ, limiting, compression, or panning has been applied to them. All samples are available in 16-bit WAV format.

More info:

Free Vinyl Noise Samples at 99Sounds

(Via Reason Expert)

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  • Kristoffer Lislegaard

    Nice! You never get enough vinyl samples.

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