Reverb Tips and Tricks Section at Exponential Audio Website

reverb tips and tricks

A brand new ‘Reverb Tips and Tricks’ section has recently been added to the Exponential Audio website, a place where Michael Carnes writes about how he uses his own range of reverb plugins.

Besides being the creator of many of Lexicon’s most popular products, including the 960L, the PCM96 Digital Reverb and Effects Processor and the Lexicon plug-ins, Michael Carnes worked as a musician and received an advanced degree in classical composition. He still records live classical music fairly frequently, as you can read in his first article in the ‘Reverb Tips and Tricks’ section:

One of the great temptations in sweetening a live recording is to make the room much bigger. If the original venue was 50 seats, why not make it into a symphony-sized hall? It usually doesn’t work. Musicians play for the room they’re in – they actively engage with the space. A small space with short reverb may mean quicker tempi, shorter pauses and other adjustments. You can usually make the room a touch larger, but there’s a limit.

For the full article, check out the new Reverb Tips and Tricks section at Exponential Audio.

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