Free Sound Effects by 99Sounds

free sound effects 99sounds

99Sounds have a released a set of free sound effects designed for use in cinema scoring and electronic dance music, made by Joshua Crispin, a composer and sound designer from Brisbane, Australia.

The collection of free sound effects includes impacts, risers, atmospheres and musical loops.

Free Sound Effects by 99Sounds – Contents

  • 50 audio samples
  • 11 atmosphere sounds
  • 7 drone sounds
  • 2 interface sounds
  • 14 impact sound effects
  • 10 background loops
  • 6 risers

All free sound effects are in the 24-bit WAV format, 44.1 kHz Stereo. Total size is 151 MB size on disk, 74 MB download size (RAR archive). The download also includes a Native Instruments Kontakt instrument patch (requires a full version of Kontakt), as well as an SFZ file.

Listen to the demo:

More info:

Free Sound Effects by 99Sounds

(via Reason Expert)

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  • John

    Where should I put the files when I want to use the library in Logic/Mainstage? I don’t have Kontakt, do I have to generate an EXS instrument (or similar)? Thanks.

  • Hi John,

    If you’d like to be able to play these on a keyboard, In Logic Pro X, you can drag a .WAV from the library on an audio track, then ctrl-click the region and select ‘Convert to New Sampler Track’. Then open up the EXS24 Sampler Instrument, and click ‘edit’ for further editing of note range etc. Note that you can only edit in EXS24 when ‘Advanced Editing’ is selected in Preferences>Advanced.

    • DJ Momka

      This what U said about EXS24 sampler benefited me alots, I was looking on how to edit it for a very long time and i started to blame my DAW for improper download and installation

      • Good to hear that 🙂

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