Poll – How Reliable Is Your Logic Pro X System?

Logic Pro X Reliability

Yesterday on Pro Tools Expert, Pro Tools users have been polled and it seems like there’s a lot of problems. At all the Expert sites, we would like to see if this is the same across all major DAW’s. So, regardless of what kind of Mac you’re using to run Logic Pro X, how reliable would you say your Logic Pro X system is?

Take the poll, and of course comments are welcome:

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  • orsidigital

    36% have issues ay least daily — apple can you hear us????

  • sjc

    It’s been very stable for me (MacPro Early 2008, Mavericks), except for a lingering problem that seems worse. That’s a spiking last core. My eighth core totally spikes while the other seven are very low. Doesn’t matter if it’s Omnisphere or Kontakt. Doesn’t take much to spike (and cause crackles). Switching to six cores helps, but it’s a drag that it’s not resolved.

    • orsidigital

      best to leave 1 core open for the system to use – the spike is the sys trying to share.

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