Free Samples – Hand Claps and Finger Snaps

free samples hands make sounds

Hands Make Sounds is a sound library featuring 158 free samples of hand claps and finger snaps, recorded in six different indoor locations with the goal of capturing their natural reverb characteristics.

The free samples have been normalized to -0.1 dB and carefully trimmed to avoid any pops or clicks, and all samples are provided in stereo 24-bit WAV format with a 44.1 kHz sampling rate.

  • 158 audio samples in total
  • 96 hand clap samples
  • 62 finger snap samples
  • 2 SFZ patches
  • 2 NKI patches (Kontakt 5)
  • 19.9 MB size on disk
  • 12.1 MB download size (RAR archive)

Audio example (click image):

free handclap and fingersnap samples

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More info:

Hand Make Sounds

(via Reason Expert)

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  • dcs

    Really appreciate all the great free stuff you guys post over here ..

  • jjs

    This is a great set!

  • Rik van Passel


  • Jake Roque

    Anyone else having trouble figuring out how to download this set?

    • Look for the black box, just above the comment section of that page.

  • Max Griffiths

    Sorry can’t seem to find the black box to download, could someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks

    • Hey Max, it’s right below the article, under the grey box that says LICENSE. This will take you to a checkout page, but you don’t have to pay. It’s still free – your email required though. Note that everything above that box that starts with ‘download’, is a crappy ad. No hand clapping for those from me, mind you. 🙂

  • Pierre Delpit

    where is this blackbox ?

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