Eventide Ultra Channel Review (Video)


In the following Eventide Ultra Channel review video on Youtube, Russ at Pro Tools Expert takes a look at the native channel strip plug-in Eventide released yesterday.

Eventide Ultra Channel Review

Besides the features one would normally expect from a channel strip plugin, Russ takes a look at Ultra Channel’s micro pitch shifting abilities, the built-in stereo delays, the plugin’s multiple saturation options and the O-Pressor (including the Bass Cut knob).

Russ then uses the Ultra Channel plugin on a kick drum, a snaredrum, and electric guitar. Furthermore, Russ walks through some of the plugin’s built in presets.

Watch the video here:

eventide ultra channel review

The Eventide Ultra Channel plugin will be available at no charge until July 8th, after which it will cost $249,-

More info:

Eventide Ultra Channel

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