Free Plugin – Panipulator 2.0

panipulator 2.0 free plugin

Boz Digital Labs just released a brand new version of the free plugin called Panipulator 2.0. Developed in association with Brandon Drury at Recording Review, it’s an essential tool for checking how your mixes will translate to different systems.

Free Plugin – Panipulator 2.0

Panipulator 2.0 allows you to quickly and efficiently check your mix in mono, in different configurations. The free plugin can also point out issues that you may have in your stereo field that you may not have noticed on your studio monitors. Panipulator 2.0 uses very little CPU power, is extremely effective in pointing out flaws in your mix, for example if someone has the polarity switched on one speaker, or when a PA system only has only one channel wired up.

Available for Mac (32/64-bit): VST, VST3, AU, RTAS, and AAX Native.

More info and download:

Panipulator 2.0

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