Get More Screen Space On a Retina Macbook Pro

macbook pro retina

If you’re the owner of a Retina Macbook Pro – and still have a healthy pair of eyes – here’s how to manually adjust the screen resolution to show more space on your Macbook’s screen.

Get More Screen Space On a Retina Macbook Pro

  • Open System Preferences and choose “Displays”
  • Go to the “Display” tab and next to ‘Resolution:’ choose the “Scaled” radio button to reveal additional resolution options

macbook pro screen real estate

The additional options depend on whether you have a 13″ or a 15″ MacBook Pro.

For a 15″:

  • “More Space” looks like 1920×1200
  • The 4th option looks like 1680×1050 – my favorite sofar
  • “Best (Retina)”, 1440×900, the default setting
  • 2nd option looks like 1280×800
  • “Larger Text” looks like 1024×640

For comparison, here’s what Logic Pro X looks like with the default setting “Best (Retina)”:

logic pro x retina normal

The 4th option, 1680×1050:

logic pro x retina option 4

The 5th option increases screen real estate even more, but whether that works for you really depends on your daily carrot intake.

(via OS X Daily)

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