Auganizer Updated to Version 1.1 (Video)

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The developers of Auganizer have been hard at work, the application has just been updated to version 1.1 (coming from 1.0.1). The latest version of the one and only Audio Unit plug-in organizer for OS X introduces some welcome changes (100% compatibility with Sound Radix 32 Lives!), improves plug-in compatibility and fixes some bugs.

Auganizer 1.1 – Changes

  • When a plug-in is renamed, its presets are handled correctly for Logic Pro.
  • Auganizer now lists 32- and 64-bit paired plugins and wrappers separately. All modifications are done synchronously though, so when you only rename one plugin, wrappers and related plugins will get renamed too.
  • Auganizer can now lock components and preserve your changes to the audio unit names. Clean up your user directory Handles Automapped plug-ins
  • Ableton Live now has a “Auganizer” menu as a work around to its limitations
  • Ability to restore all plugins to a totally “Pre-Auganizer state”
  • The ability to refresh the plugin list without closing and re-opening Auganizer
  • Compatibility with the latest version of GarageBand 10
  • Signed plugins are no longer directly edited or touched
  • Various improvements based on user feedback

Auganizer 1.1 – Improved Compatibility

Auganizer 1.1 offers improved compatibility with the following plug-ins:

  • Slate Digital VBC
  • iZotope Stutter Edit
  • SKnote GTS39
  • PSPaudioware PSP Meters
  • and many more…(perhaps every plugin?)

Auganizer 1.1 – Bug Fixes

Auganizer 1.1 fixes the following bugs:

  • Compatibility with the latest version of GarageBand 10.
  • Crash fixed that could happen sometimes when quitting Auganizer.
  • Unlocking components for some users with modified home directory.
  • Fixes for 32Lives GUI’s in Auganizer (100% compatibility with 32Lives now)
  • Bugs fixed for missing GUIs in Audio Hosts (by adding, “copy back to system folder” feature)
  • Wrong popup about updated components when there is more than one version of some components installed.

For the latest version, simply fire up Auganizer on your Mac. To learn more about this little gem:


Here’s a complete video tutorial on how the use the latest version of Auganizer:

auganizer 1.1 video tutorial

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