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logic pro x surround down mixer

Recently on the Logic Pro Expert Facebook page, a reader sent in this question:

Hi, I have a question. Can I make a surround mix with a stereo output monitoring on Logic Pro X? With Pro Tools I can do this with an Aux, but can I do this with Logic Pro X?

When doing a surround sound mix, you may find you’ll need to create a stereo mix or perhaps have to edit/monitor in stereo. Logic Pro provides a nice surround sound mix feature, the Down Mixer, to do the job.

To instantiate this, you need to set at least one channel strip’s output to surround. This will change the master output to a Surround master. You’ll want to put the Down Mixer here. You can find it in the Audio FX list under Utilities. It will default to Logic Pro’s surround format (my image is 5.1) and you can see the sliders to mix each surround channel to a stereo sum.

logic pro x surround down mixer

Doug Zangar

Doug Zangar

A Logic Pro user since the late 80’s with its predecessor Notator, Doug has become an expert in Logic Pro and MainStage. He has been an Apple certified trainer since Logic 6, created and leads the Seattle Logic User Group, and has authored numerous video tutorial series on Logic Pro and MainStage as well as other DAWs and plug-ins.

Based in Seattle, he runs Apple certified trainings, teaches Logic Pro for the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program Masters in Music degree and tutors individual users. His use of Logic Pro includes writing for film, commercials, web sites and working with singer/songwriters.
Doug Zangar

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  • Vyacheslav Dyachenko

    Hi Doug.

    Quick question regarding 5.1->Stereo Down mixer. I understand it says that most of the encoding happens in the backdoors of the plugin. That’s fine. But my question is when it down-mixes it to stereo, does it encodes it to LoRo potentially, rather then to LtRt, or is it actually LtRt rather than LoRo. I feel that it’s just LoRo.

    Sincerely, Vyacheslav.

    • Doug Zangar

      Hi Vyacheslav,

      Excellent question, and one I don’t know the answer to. I would guess it is LoRo. If I can find a definite answer I’ll post back here.

  • Doug Zangar

    Sorry, I finally was able to ask some people who I thought could tell me, they didn’t know either. Again, I’m pretty sure it’s LoRo.

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