How to Search for Logic Pro X Project Alternatives


Many of us are using Logic Pro X Project Alternatives to create alternate versions of projects. It is a simple and intuitive way to easily save and recall project variations. Logic Pro X gives us the ability to attach meaningful names to each alternative that can be as unique from the actual project name as desired. They can be related to the project name, which I personally find to be useful for my workflow, or the alternatives can be named something completely different.

Logic Pro X unfortunately does not provide a way for searching project alternatives independently from the actual project title. Fortunately though, Mac OS X does!


We’ve all used the Finder based F search function at some time or another. It’s a simple and efficient way to search based on various criteria (name, contents, date, etc). What you may not know, is that the search attributes are customizable. And they can be used to search Logic Pro X Project Alternatives. Once you press F and enter search mode, click hold on the attributes list at the upper left of the window, and choose “other”.


A window with a list of available attributes will open. Near the top, you will see one called “alternatives”. As you will see by the description, this attribute will specifically search Logic Pro X Project Alternatives. Enable the “menu” checkbox, and it will be available from the attributes drop down menu that is available when in search mode.

Search Attributes

Now search fields can be set to display results based on project alternative titles.

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