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Groove3 instructor and Logic Pro Expert team member Eli Krantzberg has just released a new series of Logic Pro X video tutorials that guides you through all aspects of signal flow in Logic Pro X. Three sample videos are free to watch.

Eli Krantzberg on making the new video tutorial series:

I’ve done lots of Logic Pro video tutorials over the years (since version 7). But it was an interesting challenge approaching a Logic Pro X series from this unique perspective. When you break down signal flow like this, you really see how complex the inner workings of Logic Pro X truly are from a different perspective. Revisiting the often underused Bus and Input channel strips reminds you that there’s still a lot of life and useful functionality in them. And don’t even get me started on the Environment 🙂

Logic Pro X Signal Flow Explained

In the new series, Eli Krantzberg breaks down everything you need to know about both basic and advanced routing and signal flow in Logic Pro X. It offers a total of 35 video tutorials, organized in 5 categories.

Logic Pro X Signal Flow – Basics

Eli starts with some signal flow basics by explaining what Audio and MIDI are, how sound waves and microphones work, and covers audio and MIDI interface basics and setup.

Logic Pro X Signal Flow – Inside Logic Pro X

Using Logic Pro X, Eli then covers Buffers and Latency, Audio Input, Audio and Software Instrument Output Channel Strips, Panning and Balance, the Direction Mixer Plug-in, using Sends & Busses, and using Auxiliary Channel Strips.

Logic Pro X Signal Flow – Recording

In the ‘Recording’ section of the series, Eli talks about setting the Record Delay, Monitoring the Signal, Recording with Effects, Direct Monitoring, Punch Recording, creating a headphone mix, and managing I/O Labels.

Logic Pro X Signal Flow – MIDI

Up next is MIDI Signal Flow in Logic Pro X. Eli starts with MIDI Signal Flow Basics, then guides you through the process of Routing to External MIDI Devices, Customizing your MIDI Setup, the External Instrument Plug-In, and routing inside Logic Pro X’s Environment.

Logic Pro X Signal Flow – Advanced

In the last section of the series, Eli explains everything about the IAC Bus, and how to use Soundflower, the free inter-application audio routing utility for OS X. Also, Eli covers Multi-Track Recording, Merging Internal Signal Flow, Side-Chain Processing and much more.

Logic Pro X Signal Flow – Details

  • Total Runtime: 3hr 41min
  • For beginners to intermediate Logic Pro X users
  • Watch online, download, stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
  • Stream entire Groove3 catalogue for $15 or download this series for $19.50

More info, sample videos:

Logic Pro X Signal Flow Explained

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  • Stephen Cullo

    First off, I have to compliment you guys on this site. With all the cool news and info on Logic, I feel I have NEW instrument (and I’ve been using since 1.6 – still have the floppies from Rick Stevenson). And I’m signing up to Groove3 today for Eli’s tutorials. Bravo! : >

    • Eli Krantzberg

      Hey there, thanks for the kind words and I hope you enjoy the videos.

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