Auganizer Updated to 1.01 – Fixes for 32Lives – Video

auganizer full screen

Auganizer already has been updated to version 1.01. The new version of the Audio Unit plug-in organizer for OSX fixes some bugs, including some involving Soundradix 32Lives, and there have been some changes to Auganizer’s user interface.

Auganizer 1.01 – Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for 32Lives
  • Fixes for detecting many manufacturers which previously did not appear
  • Fixes for editing certain plugins
  • A fix for some users where no plugins appeared when opening the app
  • Bug fixes for some crashes

Auganizer 1.01 – Improved plug-in Compatibility

Auganizer 1.01 now works better with plug-ins from the following manufacturers:

  • Spectrasonics
  • Cakewalk Z3TA
  • 112dB
  • Fielding DSP Reviver
  • Tone Boosters
  • Audio Damage
  • Audio Realism
  • Sonic Charge Bitspeek

Auganizer 1.01 – Changes

  • Interface tweaks to enable smoother interaction
  • User interface now shows Top Folder, Sub Folder and Plugin name for a easier introduction

See the Auganizer interface changes in action in the video below. The developer of Auganizer also shows how you can edit plug-in names and revert in one click easily, without affecting your old Logic Pro projects.

auganizer version 1.01

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  • killmedj

    works like a charm now =)

  • polygooner

    I would be cautious yet. If you go over to the Gearslutz thread (in New Product Alert), there are still issues with Slate plugins. Also, because Logic makes a user preset folder under the plugins name, if you change the name, you change the user presets folder. I believe this will probably get ironed out, but it is still like a public beta.

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