Organize Audio Unit Plugins with Auganizer

auganizer full screen

Now this is a very cool application. Organize Audio Unit plug-ins in Logic Pro the way you want to? Yes you can, thanks to Auganizer, an Audio Unit management application for OSX that lets you rename, reorder, arrange and organize Audio Unit plugins the way you want to. Yep, you read that right!

Organize Audio Units with Auganizer

The developers of Auganizer have made it possible to organize Audio Unit plugins by group, sub group and custom name. For example, you could organise several plug-ins into a ‘Compressors’ group, with a sub group such as ‘Multi-Band’, ‘Single Band’, or ‘Mastering’. Any changes made are non-destructive, Auganizer doesn’t modify or change your plugins in any way, and all changes are easily reversible.

Here’s what a custom plugin menu in Logic Pro X looks like.

Before Auganizer:

auganizer before

After Auganizer:

auganizer after

Organize Audio Unit Plugins – Auganizer Highlights

  • you can change the developer/manufacturer name
  • you can arrange plug-ins by the type of effect
  • you can make multi layers with sub folders
  • you can use Cover Flow to see the plug-in’s GUI, this helps organizing plug-ins
  • batch edit categories
  • import/export all your settings and changes
  • quickly restore settings to original values
  • enable/disable plug-ins

To learn how to use Auganizer, see the Auganizer Getting Started Guide.

Note: Auganizer can’t make changes to Logic Pro’s native plugin menu, unfortunately.

Auganizer supports OSX 10.6 upwards to and including OSX 10.9 Mavericks.

Auganizer works with Logic 7, 8, 9 and X, as well as Ableton Live and Garageband.

Support for both 32bit and 64bit plugins.

Price: $34.99. More info, demo download:

Organize Audio Unit Plugins with Auganizer


Download Auganizer version 1.0.1

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  • polygooner

    Hang on until the bugs are ironed out. At the moment it doesn’t work with 32 lives. More info on the gearslutz thread about it.

    • killmedj

      Dang! =/

    • Weaz

      Works with 32Lives now, check the GS thread. Simple fix until they release the new version.

  • Krzysztof Szychowski

    Looking forward to this running with 32Lives. This will aid in the creative workflow to such a degree, really looking forward to getting a handle on all those plugins, nicely organized, waiting happily to be found and used. What a novel idea having all the delays in one folder!

  • joethibs

    This is something I really hope Logic makes a standard option at some point. This app looks really cool but I’m not sure I feel the price tag matches what it does

  • mj

    I love it. This has really sorted out my plugins and let me find plugins I forgot I even had. My productions will become better using this now that I know what I really have..

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