New Logic Pro X Skins – EXS24, Sylenth1, Cubase, Virus TI

logic pro x cubase skin

Several new free Logic Pro X skins have been released by Logic Pro X GUI modding scene member fcasoria, and Metthew_30 has released 3 new paid themes. An update.

New Free Logic Pro X Skins

A skin based on the EXS24 Sampler:

logic pro x theme EXS24

A skin based on LennarDigital Sylenth1:

logic pro x theme Sylenth1

Black Mamba:

logic pro x theme Black Mamba

More free skins to explore, and more info on this Gearslutz thread:

Free Logic Pro X Skins by fcasoria

New Paid Logic Pro X Skins

The following new paid skins are made by Metthew_30, all skins are for Logic Pro X version 10.0.5 and 10.0.6, non-retina.

A Logic Pro X skin based on Cubase:

logic pro x cubase skin

A skin based on the Access Virus TI hardware synth:

logic pro x virus skin

A new version of the Neve Pro skin:

logic pro x skin neve pro 2

These skins cost 5 Euros. Payment is through PayPal. To purchase, click donate on his site. Write the theme(s) you want under “cel” (it is Polish and means ‘the aim’). More info:

Logic Pro X Skins by Metthew_30

Before you jump into the world of Logic Pro X GUI modification, be wise and read this:

How to Modify the Logic Pro X GUI

(via Logic X Interface Mods)

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  • Eric Sylvain

    Does anyone know where i can get the cubase skin? I’ve been looking and haven’t really seen anything. Thanks!

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