How to Batch Remove the _bip Suffix in OS X Terminal

How to Batch Remove the bip Suffix in OS X Terminal

In Logic Pro X (and in Logic Pro 9), when you bounce a region in place, the _bip suffix will be appended to the filename. The same happens when you export all tracks as audio files.

Before sending your tracks/stems to a mixing/mastering engineer, you may just as well remove the suffix since it’s absolutely useless at this point, and will only lead to filename clutter in whatever DAW he/she will be working in. Here’s how to batch remove the _bip suffix from audio files in OS X Terminal with one simple command, without using any third-party batch renaming apps.

How to Batch Remove the bip Suffix from Bounced Audio Files

Fire up the OS X Terminal application, in the Applications > Utilities folder.

In Terminal, you now need to change the active directory to the folder that contains your bounced audio files.

The quickest way to do this, is to Command-drag the folder that contains your audio files onto the Terminal Window.

remove bip suffix drag folder

To batch remove the _bip suffix from all audio files in the folder, copy this snippet of code and paste it in Terminal:

for file in *; do mv "$file" "${file/_bip/}"; done

If for any reason you’d like to target specific file formats, .wav files for example, use this code snippet:

for file in *.wav; do mv "$file" "${file/_bip/}"; done

Hit Enter, and all the _bip suffixes are gone forever, and your files are ready to be sent off for mixing or mastering.

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  • Kayle Clements

    This is all fine and good, but isn’t it easier to just use something like Name Mangler? I get that it is not a free solution, but at $20, it’s not out of reach either. Also, you can store settings so it doesn’t take entering that line of code each time. And, you can add multiple steps, like adding the date to the name, or formatting the title a certain way. I get that this is another option, but it seems better to just use Name Mangler.

  • Samir el Borno

    Just download the free tool called name changer. There you can rename, sequence, append, prepend and delete.

  • DavidT

    Cool Tip. We forget how handy Applescripts & the Terminal can be. Use them together with do shell scripts and it’s even better. Then pop them into a Xcode app and and you have a neat little app to do the job.

    No_bip is an app that removes the “_bip” suffix from Wav & Aif files in a folder and it’s sub directories. It’s inspired by this blog.

    Requires OS X 10.8 + (64bit)

    • David, that’s fantastic! Will definitely check this out today. Thanks for the input!

      • DavidT

        When I get a gap and figure out how, I’ll make it a droplet so users can drag and drop the folder onto the app icon and it will run the process.

        • Very, very cool. Could the app also (optionally) make a zip archive of the folder’s content? πŸ˜‰

          • DavidT

            That should be fairly easy to implement. Will add it soon. Just got to find some time.

          • DavidT

            I replied and posted some links. Not sure what happened to the post. Do I need to post again?

          • David, the comment need approval since it contains links. It should pop up in this thread any minute now. I’ll have a look at your work as soon as I can. Awesome! D.

          • DavidT

            Makes sense. Thanks.

          • DavidT

            Still not up. Should I repost?

          • Weird. Had to re-approve. It should be up soon!

          • DavidT

            It’s due to my editing the links. You’ll have to approve one last time. Sorry πŸ™‚

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