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New Ableton Live Expert Community Site Goes Live in April

ableton live expert

First Pro Tools Expert, then Logic Pro Expert… This April, Ableton Live Expert will launch, a brand new website specifically aimed to help out Ableton Live users offering news, reviews, tips and tricks. Fantastic news for people suffering from Multiple DAW Syndrome!

According to Russ Hughes, founder of Pro Tools Expert:

Ableton Live is one of the fastest growing DAWs in the market and whilst I’m proud to be a user of Pro Tools my son and all his friends use Ableton Live. He asked me when there would be the ‘Expert’ site to support them. Just as with Pro Tools Expert and Logic Pro Expert it was a case of finding the right people to support the Ableton Live community. Martin is the right man to lead this team, he has the mix of expertise and passion to lead this venture and as he builds the team I have no doubt this will be a awesome resource for Ableton Live users around the world.

The Ableton Live Expert Team

Ableton Live Expert will go live in early April 2014 and aims to be a one-stop site for users of Ableton Live. The Editor of the new site is Ableton Live Certified Trainer Martin Delaney, also known as Mindlobster. Delaney has a vast experience as an Ableton Live trainer, and has written over 100 magazine articles. Delaney is also the author of the ‘Ableton Live Tips & Tricks’ series of books. Martin Delaney has produced several video training packages and also designed the Kenton Killamix Mini USB MIDI controller. Martin will be heading up the new Ableton Live Expert team.

Ableton Live Expert – Stay Informed

Here’s what you can do to stay in the loop on the official launch date:

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