F.lux – A Solution For Nocturnal Nerds?

owl in flight

F.lux is a free app that makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. I heard about this app a while ago, I just installed the latest Beta on my Macbook for the first time.

Over at Logic Pro Expert HQ, sunset will be in about one hour, and I’m curious to experience how this app will gradually tone down all blue light that my Mac’s display emits. Blue light is what’s keeping humans up at night.

Some science behind that, according to the f.lux website:

The science that explains why blue light keeps you up was begun many years ago in the study of bird migration, and it continued in humans with the discovery of a new photoreceptor in the eye, called Melanopsin. Many are familiar with the “rods and cones” that provide our visual capabilities, but it was only about 15 years ago that retinal ganglion cells containing melanopsin, which are sensitive to a narrow band of blue light in the 460-480nm range, were discovered, and their unique effect on sleep was investigated.

After installing f.lux on your Mac, the app sits in your menu bar. Preferences:

flux preferences

More extensive research:

f.lux research page

Download the latest Beta version of the app:

f.lux Beta

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  • Velanche

    I’ve been using this for over a year; such a useful app. Really made the screen easy on my eyes at night.

    • First night in over here, I like it. Especially the hours after sunset. It gets a little too orange to my taste around midnight, but I’m sticking with the recommended colors for now, because science!


  • StEvE

    Some people shout about being really creative when they don’t sleep, so I hope this App doesn’t narrow the market.

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