Your Questions, Our Answers – No Edit Button in EXS24 Sampler

logic pro x exs24 no edit button

On the Logic Pro Expert Facebook page today, someone asked us the following simple question about the Edit button not being visible in the EXS24 Sampler in Logic Pro X.

Greetings! I recently purchased Logic Pro X (10.0.6) on OSX 10.8.5. I am having an issue with the ESX24 Sampler: there is no Edit button in EXS24, next to the option button to import audio samples. I can’t seem to get a response on Apple forums, one solution suggested enabling Show Advanced Tools in Advanced Preferences, which mine is and still not showing. Long time Pro Tools user here, and just picked up Logic Pro X, still learning my way around.

We sense this will confuse a lot of newcomers to Logic Pro X, fortunately the answer is simple too. In Preferences > Advanced, just make sure that “Show Advanced Tools” and “Advanced Editing” are both selected for the edit button to show up in the EXS24 Sampler.

See here:

logic pro x advanced preferences

That’s all there’s to it.

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  • Vargus

    EXS24 needs an update, stat! Where’s all that Redmatica goodness?

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