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As you have likely come to know, the Logic Pro Expert website launched just short of a month ago, on Feb 1st 2014.

Since the launch of logic-pro-expert.com, our team has seen a tremendous response from all readers, both existing (from Danski’s Logic Pro blog) and new. Since many of the social media channels have changed, we at Logic Pro Expert thought it’d be time for an overview of all the ways you can stay in the loop on news, reviews, and the best tips and tricks for those working with the almighty DAW called Logic Pro for Mac.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with us!

Logic Pro Expert is on Facebook

If Facebook is the social platform that works for you, just ‘like’ the Logic Pro Expert Facebook page. Nearly 11000 people already did within a month!

Logic Pro Expert On Facebook

Logic Pro Expert Does That Twitter Thingy

Follow Logic Pro Expert on Twitter here, if you prefer tweets:

Logic Pro Expert On Twitter

Logic Pro Expert – Our RSS Feed

Whatever app you use to read your daily RSS feeds, on whatever device, here’s our new feed:

Logic Pro Expert RSS Feed

Note though that some content like fancy image galleries may not show up. That’s just the way RSS is. Not our fault.

Logic Pro Expert is on Google Plus

We’re on Google Plus too:

Logic Pro Expert On Google Plus

Logic Pro Expert – Our Contact Page

We do email as much as we can, just visit our Contact page and fire away over here:

Logic Pro Expert Contact Page

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