Workaround – Browsing Automation Parameters by Keyboard

izotope breaktweaker automation parameter

As virtual instruments for Logic Pro X become more and more capable, the list of automation parameters gets longer. Being able to automate every single parameter is a beautiful thing – browsing the list of automation parameters, the way things are now in Logic Pro X, is a workflow killer. Here are a few tips for browsing automation parameters by keyboard.

Browsing Automation Parameters – iZotope BreakTweaker

izotope breaktweaker automation parameters

Let’s take iZotope’s BreakTweaker as an example (see the above picture). With a six-track sequencer, 3 Generators per track – each capable of both synthesis and sample playback, and all the evenlopes and LFO’s that come with those, we’re looking at around 1800 automation parameters in total! The list of automation parameters is simply way too large to scroll through. In fact, the scrolling isn’t even smooth any longer.

Browsing Automation Parameters by Keyboard

Before Apple addresses this issue and makes plug-ins and automation parameters organizable in sub-folders, there are some key commands that you can use to speed up browsing automation parameters.

In BreakTweaker’s case, to get to the top parameter for Generator 2 on Track 2, you can type T2 - G2 (include the dash) while the list of parameters is active.

You can get more specific, so T2 - G2spacebarE would get you here:

iZotope breaktweaker automation parameter


  • to get to the top or bottom of the parameter list, use and .
  • to go through the list page by page, use and .

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  • Nikolozi

    Wouldn’t it be easier and more natural to turn on Touch mode on a track and then touch a plug-in parameter to added to the automated parameters list? And with Smart Controls mappings the Learn button works quite well, simply touch a plug-in parameter and it’s mapped. That’s how I do it anyway.

    • Nikolozi,

      Sure, that works, this was just to show a workaround for people who prefer browsing through all the parameters.


      • Nikolozi

        Danski, fair enough, but I just don’t see why one would want to browse the automation parameters. That’s almost like switching away from an AudioUnit GUI view to Controls view while using the plug-in.

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