Free Moog Sub Phatty Samples

Moog Sub Phatty Samples

Producer Francis Prève has been so kind to put up some free Moog Sub Phatty samples on his website.

Officially it’s a free pack aimed at Ableton Live users, but after after downloading you can just head over to the Samples folder and do the required programming yourself, using the sampler of your choice. All filtering, LFO’s and Envelopes have been turned off. No multisamples, just the C3 note, so get oldskool!

free moog sub phatty samples

Here’s what Francis writes about the samples:

  • Deeper – This is an all-purpose patch with a percussive attack and filtered sustain. Works well for both midrange riffs and bass lines.
  • Farfisting – The Sub Phatty isn’t polyphonic, but in Simpler it is, so I made a solid sustaining sound that’s evocative of the classic Farfisa organ.
  • Gigantor – Name says it all. Big-ass sound with a cranked-up Moog Multidrive.
  • Major Fourth – Interval detuning. Great for old-school electro riffs ala D.Ramirez and Greg Kobe – especially when you add some portamento/glide 🙂
  • Nasty – Who doesn’t love hard sync and distortion?
  • Screamer – More multidriven goodness, with a bit of internal modulation going on.
  • Subsonica – Super-deep Moog bass sound. Protect your woofers, K?
  • Thwacker – Another interval-detuned patch with a bit more attack. Percussive and plucky in the mid-to-upper ranges. Aliased and bit-crushy in the bass register.

Download Free Moog Sub Phatty Samples

(via Synthopia)

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