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“Logic Pro X How it Works”, available on iTunes (iBook) and on Amazon, explains Apple’s Logic Pro X with rich illustrations that are not found in the official manual. The 765 page book helps you understand all the new concepts and Logic Pro X workflows, and best of all, it will be updated by the author with every future update of Logic Pro X. The iBook currently reflects all changes and updates that were introduced in Logic Pro X 10.0.5.

“Logic Pro X How It Works”

“Logic Pro X How it Works”, written by self-published author Edgar Rothermich, is the only book available as an interactive and highly searchable multi-touch iBook. It is a Graphically Enhanced Manual (GEM), meaning that its unique visual approach makes it easier to understand complex concepts by using rich graphics and diagrams.


One of the greatest advantages of the iBook format is that the author can easily keep his work up to date with new information about features that future updates of Logic Pro X may introduce.

According to the author:

“Keeping my manuals up to date is one of the advantages I have as a self-published author over traditional publishers. Usually if a publisher releases a book, it won’t be updated (if at all) until all the printed copies in the warehouse have been sold. Another issue is the turnaround. A published book takes a long time to release which means that by the time it becomes available, the software might have been already updated and some book content is already inaccurate. When Logic came out with the 10.0.5 update that included new/different features, I had the revised copy of my book out a week later. Once I’m done writing, I export the document from Pages to PDF and it is available in an hour on my website. Existing customers will then get an email with a free download link of the new pdf file. Also, the printed versions of my books on Amazon are print-on-demand, so 24 hours after I upload a new PDF file to Amazon they will ship the brand new/updated book to any order that comes in from that moment on. The iBook turnaround could take one to two weeks due to Apple’s approval process.”

“Logic Pro X How It Works” – Example Page

Click for a big version.

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  • iPad with iBooks 3 or later
  • iOS 5.1 or later
  • Mac with iBooks 1.0 or later
  • OS X 10.9 or later


“Logic Pro X How It Works” is available in print on Amazon:

Logic Pro X – How it Works: A new type of manual – the visual approach

The iBook is available on iTunes ($19.99):

“Logic Pro X – How it Works.

Good stuff!

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