Sharing Logic Pro Projects with Wetransfer


For sharing Logic Pro projects and other audio related files, I’ve been using Wetransfer’s file transfer service for quite some time now. The Amsterdam based service – launched in 2009 – is free up to 2Gb, requires no registration, offers unlimited transfers, and has a beautiful user interface.

Sharing Logic Pro Projects with Wetransfer

Full page screenshot. The wallpaper is actually an ad to pay the bills. Eye-catching, yet unobtrusive.


User interface, with instructions:


You’ll receive an email once your file transfer is complete, and another one once the recipient has completed the download. C’est tout.

Wetransfer Plus

For sharing bigger files in one go, Wetransfer offers Wetransfer Plus. The gist:

  • Custom URL
  • Custom background images instead of ads
  • Customized emails
  • Password protected transfers
  • Long-term storage of your files
  • Plus is priced at €10 a month, paid yearly
  • Start sharing for free here. I think you’ll like it.

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    • Matt McKenzie-Smith

      Unfortunately, my first experience with Wetransfer was not a good one. I received a Wetransfer link to an OMF from a client and proceeded to download the 500meg file. It only ever got as fast as 34KB/s (or about 2 hours by the browsers estimations) and I’m on a 10meg connection. Not cool.

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