New Logic Pro X Skins Out Now


Heads up! The avant-garde Logic Pro X GUI modding clan has quickly caught up to the latest versions of Logic Pro X. New Logic Pro X skins, compatible with version 10.0.5 and 10.0.6, and even some modded plug-in interfaces (including the new Mid/Side Channel EQ that was introduced in Logic Pro X 10.0.5) are free to download. The days of Apple dictating what the Logic Pro graphical user interface should look like are over.

New Logic Pro X Skins

Logic Pro X Skins – Light Green Theme

Gearslutz member and modder Attracts Pilot has updated the light green theme by ru2b12 to work with Logic Pro X 10.0.6 and 10.0.5. He has also included some stock plugin mods you may want to check out.

Below, a screenshot of the Bright Green theme, including a Retina-ready modded version of the new M/S Channel EQ plugin that was introduced in Logic Pro X 10.0.5

(click for big version):


See here.

Logic Pro X Skins – Avalon Theme

Gearslutz member fcasoria made the Logic Pro X Avalon theme. This is what Logic Pro X’s Mixer looks like, note the transparency in the plug-in pop-up window, I thought that was a nice touch.

(click for big version):


See here.

If changing Logic Pro X’s graphical user interface sounds too new or scary, have a look at my article on how to change the Logic Pro interface.

Have a good weekend.

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