Vocal Mixing Tips by Tony Maserati Using Waves C4


Waves has been doing a great job on Youtube lately, and they just put up a new video featuring Tony Maserati showing some of his vocal mixing tips using the Waves C4 Multiband compressor. If you don’t own the Waves C4 plug-in, don’t worry, these vocal mixing tips can easily be applied using Logic Pro’s stock Multipressor plug-in. 10 minutes worth watching.

Vocal Mixing Tips by Tony Maserati

Tony Maserati explains how the Waves C4 plug-in allows him to handle a singer’s voice as it moves through different registers throughout a song. Instead of using an equalizer, Maserati uses the C4 to adjust the level of specific frequencies, and demonstrates why finding a compressor’s Attack and Release times is key. As Maserati is adjusting frequencies below 300Hz, this video is best watched on studio speakers – not your laptop speakers – or headphones.

Multiband compression FTW.

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