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Long.Live.The.Web. It’s cool to see how only after a few months since Logic Pro X was released, there’s an active ‘modding scene’ out there making custom themes – GUI mods, or skins – for Logic Pro X. First, there were small tweaks made to font sizes and background colours in .plist files to offer quick fixes to Logic Pro X’s rather dark new interface. Now, all of Logic Pro X’s GUI elements seem to have been identified. There are multiple free themes, even some commercial ones, and there’s a free app to help you manage changing the way Logic Pro X looks. It’s time for a look at how to customize the Logic Pro X user interface.

Modifying the Logic Pro X Interface – Back Up!

Changing the graphical user interface means you’ll be altering Logic Pro X’s original core files. So before doing anything else, BACK UP FIRST.

You can make a backup of the entire Logic Pro X application:

  • In your Applications folder, control-click the Logic Pro X app icon, and select ‘Duplicate’. A file named ‘Logic Pro X copy’ will be created. Rename it, and include the version number in the file name if you want. Optionally, you can compress this file, it will save you approximately 150Mb of disk space.

Or you can make a backup of just the folder where all the modding action takes place:

  • In your Applications folder, control-click the Logic Pro X app icon, and select ‘Show Package Contents’.
  • Navigate to Contents/Frameworks/MAResources.framework/Versions/A/Resources
  • Make a copy of this folder and store it somewhere safe. Rename it to “Resources Original” or something similar to clearly indicate these are the files of the original Logic Pro X interface. Make sure you’re actually copying (hold down while dragging), not making an alias of the folder.

Do both, and you’ll be super safe.

Modifying the Logic Pro X GUI with Logic Theme Switcher

The Logic Theme Switcher application was developed by Gearslutz forum member birk, and makes switching between Logic Pro X themes rather easy. Note that this application does take care of making a backup of the above-mentioned folder.

  • Download the Logic Theme Switcher here.
  • You’ll need some themes. Have a look around on the logicxinterfaces website to browse themes individually. This site also offers a compilation pack containing 24 Logic Pro X Themes here to get you started quickly.

A 5 minute video walkthrough on how to use the Logic Theme Switcher application along with the themes:

Logic Pro X Skins – Gallery

Below, a gallery of some notable skins for Logic Pro X that are part of the free compilation pack mentioned above.

Custom Skins for Logic Pro X – Commercial

User Matthew_30 makes custom skins as you can see on this Gearslutz thread. The themes cost 5 Euros, payment is through Paypal. Have a look around on his blog to see what he has accomplished sofar.

Some examples:

Custom Logic Pro X Smart Controls are just a matter of time. Once things progress further in the world of Logic Pro X skins, I’ll let you know.

Have fun.

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