Watch: Mid Side Processing Tutorial by FabFilter

fabfilter mid side tutorial

In this Mid Side Processing Tutorial on Youtube, Dan Worrall explains the concept of mid/side stereo processing using the Fabfilter Pro Q plugin, and discusses its uses using examples with the built-in mid/side processing in FabFilter plug-ins.

Dan also shows how mid/side recording and mixing is done using a mid/side mic setup. Whether you’re a Fabfilter plugin owner or not, I think these 11 minutes are worth it.


  • at 1:30 into the video, where exactly is that audio coming from? 🙂
  • 2:28 – “it’s common knowledge, that human hearing is not sensitive to stereo information in this low region, and many playback systems run the subwoofers in mono. So it makes sense to remove this information at the mixing or mastering stage”
  • 3:10 – I think this part perfectly illustrates where your ears are most sensitive to stereo information. Midrange and lower midrange. 200Hz to 5Khz, roughly.
  • 3:50 – The Mid/Side Microphone pair
  • 5:36 – The Mid/Side Matrix


Good content.

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