2 Free Bit Crushing Plugins (32/64-Bit) Up For Grabs

free bitcrusher plugin au

I’ve been searching for some free bit crushing audio unit plugins, that take bit crushing a little further than Logic Pro X’s stock Bitcrusher plugin does, especially regarding filtering and modulation.

All free bitcrusher plugins in this article are both 32 and 64-bit. Today, I have tested them succesfully in Logic Pro X (64-bit).

Inear Display SicknDstry

free bitcrusher plugin sickndstry

SicknDstry Features :

  • Pre Filter with Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass modes
  • Multiple ways to mix bit reduction and samplerate reduction
  • Dry/Wet control
  • LFO assignable to the filter cutoff, filter resonance, bit reduction, samplerate reduction, and dry/wet parameters
  • Randomizer
  • 20 Presets

SicknDstroy requires OS X 10.6 or higher, Mac VST/AU, 32/64-Bit.

Download SicknDstroy.

Toneboosters TB Timemachine

free bitcrusher plugin toneboosters timemachine

Toneboosters TB Timemachine allows you to simulate the effect of A/D and D/A aliasing, re-sampling, and bit reduction (both linear and mu-Law quantization).

TB Timemachine Features:

  • Zero-latency processing
  • Support of all sampling rates from 44.1 to 192 kHz
  • Re-sample rate adjustable between 1000 and 44100 Hz
  • Bit depth adjustable between 0 and 16 bits on a continuous scale
  • Linear or mu-Law quantization, with or without dithering

TB Timemachine requires OS X 10.5 or higher, Mac VST/AU, 32/64-Bit.

Download Toneboosters TB Timemachine (it’s included in an evaluation bundle that contains more plugins).

After downloading and unzipping, manually drag the TB Timemachine component into Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > Components

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