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In Logic Pro X, the default set of Key Commands has changed considerably. As expected, there are many new key commands reflecting the new features that Logic Pro X offers. Many functions that had a default key command set in Logic Pro 9, do not have one set in Logic Pro X. Besides that, some functions have been (slightly) renamed. In several cases, modifier keys have been modified. Lastly, there is now just one preset. So, it looks like we’ve got some work to do. Here’s what I’ve found sofar.

Renamed, Reorganized, and Modified

  • the U.S. numeric keypad preset in Logic Pro 9 has 459 default key commands, in Logic Pro X it has 590.
  • in many cases (but not all), the word ‘toggle’ has been replaced by ‘show/hide’. Keep that in mind while searching for a key command.
  • several key commands have been moved to a different category. For example: Cut, Copy and Paste and ‘Transpose Events’ now belong to the ‘Various Windows’ section.
  • The Audio File Editor, formerly known as the Sample Editor, seems to have the least changes. For ‘Search Peak’ and ‘Search Silence’, the modifier key has been changed from control to shift.

Just the tip of the iceberg folks.

Useful Functions without a Key Command

A partial list of some useful functions that have a default key command set in Logic Pro 9, but not in Logic Pro X:

  • Show/Hide Event List
  • Open System Performance
  • Clear Overload Flag in Audio Channel Display
  • Select Empty Regions
  • Snap Modes
  • Drag Modes
  • Toggle Track Solo

The New Old Key Command Editor

Not much has changed in the functionality of the Key Command editor. After pasting the list of key commands into a text editor, I noticed that there still is no symbol for the numeric keypad. This would be handy, and avoid confusion. Furthermore, the ‘merging’ of the numeric- and non-numeric presets has been badly executed. It seems to favor users with a numeric keypad.

Quick recap, for those without a numeric keypad:

  • Page Up ⇞ = fn + up arrow
  • Page Down ⇟ = fn + down arrow
  • Home ↖ = fn + left arrow
  • End ↘ = fn + right arrow

More confusion up ahead…

Logic Pro X Key Commands for recalling Screensets:

key command editor screensets

Logic Pro X Key Commands for markers:

key command editor markers

This can’t be right. Typos? Or am I missing something? Anyone?

Logic Pro X Key Commands on logicprokeycommands.com

If you’re into morphing Mac keyboards and fast Key Command searching and highlighting, check out the new Logic Pro X Key Commands page on logicprokeycommands.com. I must say it needs a little more work though, especially on the Key Commands that involve the return and delete key on the numeric keypad. I’m currently on a Macbook, and didn’t pack my numeric keyboard 🙂

If you’re also into editing video with Final Cut Pro X, check out this Final Cut Pro Keyboard Shortcuts site.

Hit me in the comments if you spot anything awkward.

Greetings from Spain,

Danski out.

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  • James

    After delving into what has changed, do you think that you will adopt the new key command changes or do you think that you will continue using the Logic Pro 9 key commands? Or even a hybrid of the two?

  • Hey James, good question. Haven’t decided yet. I haven’t even figured out what will happen when I import LP9 key commands into LPX… I wonder what will happen – given all the (subtle) name changes of some functions. Have you tried? Cheers.

    • James

      Nup, I haven’t tried.

      I saw that one of the ‘Logic Pro X’ key-command presets was “Logic 9”, but the key commands didn’t seem to fully mimic Logic Pro 9. For instance, the caps lock button would not display the little keyboard.

      • fishbloom


  • TC

    The screenset recall commands use the number keys on top of the main key block. The marker navigation uses the number keys on the numerical keypad (you need a large keyboard for that).

  • Sundar Shrestha

    I am having problem with Logic Pro x in Punch out. It is almost stop sounding for a second while I do punch out. I am using RME Fireface 400. Do any have solution?

  • Jonathan Outbound Race

    This is useful, when I switched over from 9 I noticed a lot of the usual shortcuts had changed?!? :/

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