Logic Pro X – First Look and Overview by SFLogicNinja

logic pro x

Here’s a nice overview of the new Logic Pro X by SFLogicNinja which I thought was worth passing through. Have fun, and happy upgrading!

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  • James

    Dare I ask :P, how long until the Logic Pro X key commands become available on http://www.logicprokeycommands.com?

    Can we somehow help speed-up the process for you? Entering data somewhere etc.?

    • Hey James, I’m glad you asked! 🙂

      I almost have that file ready. There seem to be some changes: some functions have been renamed,
      some commands have been changed, and in Logic Pro X the U.S. preset seems to be for both types
      of keyboard (with and without numeric keypads).

      Wifi permitting (I’m in Spain for my holiday), the page should be up soon.

      • James

        Looking forward (^_^)

  • ems

    why can’t i get any sounds out of my logic pro x 🙁

  • ems

    Why is it when i press cap locks the keyboard doesn’t produce sound anymore? what do i press instead 🙁

  • Skeelington

    Anyone else here who isn’t thrilled with the dark UI? I think it’s much harder to read.

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