Logic Pro Key Commands in a New Web App

logic pro key commands web app

Here’s to the Logic Pro key command ninjas: www.logicprokeycommands.com was just launched – an update to the old keycommands.info version which I’ll leave running for now. The new version offers search, three keyboard styles (macbook, wireless and a keyboard with a numeric keypad) and three English keyboard layouts. Have fun!

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  • James

    Really appreciate it Danski, thank you (^_^)

    • James

      Running 9.1.8 and my key commands seem to be different. Is it possible to get a copy of your key commands somewhere?

      • What preset are you using? Any custom adjustments you’ve made?

        • James

          “U.S. with Numeric Keypad”. I have a numeric keyboard. No custom adjustments. The first key command I noticed didn’t work for me was ‘Play from left window edge’

          • James

            In fact my key command for ‘Play from left window edge’ is the key command you’ve identified as “Play from selection”

          • Then i’t probably a typo. I’ll fix it soon!

            Thanks James.

          • James

            Assuming something isn’t wrong on my end. I’ll keep searching around a little longer to see if something is wrong with my logic’s preset key commands

          • Right. Thanks!

          • Okay. Maybe it’s me, maybe I have chosen the wrong enter key. I think for that command it makes sense. I’ll check it when I have better internet. Could you try using the other enter key? 🙂

          • James

            SOLVED!! The other enter key was the solution. Apologies!!!! However, there does appear to be multiple entries for that command in your key commands

          • Haha! Okay. Thanks for putting in the time though! Cheers 🙂

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