ScoreCleaner Notes: Hum, Whistle, Score


The ScoreCleaner Notes app for iOS ($0.99) can turn any recorded monophonic melody into written musical notation. ScoreCleaner Notes, one of the best-selling apps in Sweden for the last few months, was developed by Sven Emtell at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, along with Sven Ahlbäck, a professor at the Music University of Stockholm.

ScoreCleaner Notes Main Features

  • Musically intelligent interpretation (pitch, time signature, rhythm & meter, tempo) from monophonic material.
  • Displays recordings in Standard Western Notation.
  • Recordings are stored in the cloud.
  • Works with a wide range of musical instruments.
  • Playback with MIDI piano sound or the original recording.
  • Share your song with your friends by email, Twitter or Facebook (requires iOS 6).
  • Save up to four songs in your Song Archive. You’ll have to sign up for a ScoreCleaner Cloud account to save more.
  • A ScoreCleaner Cloud account lets you synchronize your songs with ScoreCleaner Desktop for further editing.

ScoreCleaner Notes Screenshots

Some shots of ScoreCleaner Notes’ main screens, and the webpage that’s accessible after sharing via email:

I whistled the melody you can see above. If reading a score is one of your traits, you can see that not every note got picked up correctly. I’m convinced that my whistling skills were to blame, not the software that analyzed it. Apparently, I whistled all over the place, mixing major and minor scales like a genuine idiot. Playing it on a piano worked out much better.

More info:

KTH, iTunes Preview.

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