EQ Tip: Linear Phase EQ vs Minimum Phase EQ

logic pro linear phase eq plugin

This EQ tip comes from Fabfilter, the plugin company that added ‘plugins’ to the list of products the Netherlands have been famous/notorious for. In this video, Dan Worrall uses the Fabfilter Pro Q EQ plugin to explain when and how to use linear phase EQ and (normal) minimum phase EQ. The same information applies to using Logic Pro’s Channel EQ plugin vs the Linear Phase EQ plugin, so don’t miss this.

After briefly discussing the general concept of phase, Dan shows some real-life mixing examples where the difference between linear- and minimum phase processing becomes apparent. Using full-range speakers or headphones while watching this video is recommended, as most artifacts will be in low frequency content when using linear phase EQ. So, no macbooks, and no earbuds, mmmkay?

Linear Phase EQ vs Minimum Phase EQ

Dan Worrall’s homepage has more free tutorials for using:

  • Reaktor
  • Camel Audio Camelspace, Camelphat, and Alchemy
  • Fabfilter ‘Pro’ and ‘Creative’ plugins
  • Tone2 ElectraX
  • U-He MFM2
  • Sonic Charge MicroTonic

Have fun/good weekend.

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