Send Audio Files With The Messages App On OS X, iOS


Now this is fun, me thinks. You can drag audio files straight into the Messages application on OS X Mountain Lion. I tested this a while ago with a 58 Mb stereo .WAV file of some drums, and the file got converted to a mono MPEG-4 .M4A AAC file, at 22050 Khz – with a filesize of 662 Kb.

Lossy as hell (!!!), but still pretty cool.

There must be some hack out there to tell the Messages app to do better on the compression side.

I dare you, in the comment section.

Sharing options, depending on the apps installed on the iPhone:

share sounds in messages app

Have fun.

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  • Lacko

    It looks if you just left click on the file and choose Encode Selected Audio Files you can convert your files to the desired format and quality. Then you can send that file with iMessage without any conversion (Depending on size).

    • Lacko,

      Thanks, I’m going to try that.


  • Eric the Man from Glass

    Hey Danski, you must be working on a big project, best of luck if you are otherwise are you traveling the world from your ad revenues?? Lol! Hope you’re good, man.

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