Leap Motion Controller Plus BetterTouchTool Equals Awesome

leap motion controller

Andreas Hegenberg, maker of BetterTouchTool, tweeted this this morning:

Which means that hopefully soon, the Leap Motion Controller ($69.99, pre-order) can be set up as an input device in the BetterTouchTool app. Which ultimately leads to the ability to assign Logic Pro Key Commands to hand gestures you make in 8 cubic feet of 3D interaction space.

But that’s just Key Commands.

Imagine what would be possible if Logic Pro truly became Leap Motion enabled…


Turn Multi-Touch Gestures Into Key Commands With BetterTouchTool (LogicProBlog)

Move Over, Kinect: Early Gestural Musical Demos for Leap Motion Look Terrific (CDM)

Leap Motion Controller Product Page.

Leap Motion Video:

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