Mixing Audio: The Out of Speakers Trick

out of speakers trick

Yesterday, the Audio Undone website posted a nice article on a phase trick called the ‘Out of Speakers’ trick. Basically, this is the effect you get when you’re sitting smack in the middle of your speakers, listening to two identical mono signals coming from the speakers, while one side has been phase-inverted. The effect is quite hallucinatory, and best used as a special effect or short gimmick since it will disappear completely when you fold your mix back to mono. It’s not something you should do to instruments that are important in your mix.

The article is an excerpt from Roey Izhaki’s book, “Mixing Audio – Second Edition: Concepts, Practices and Tools” that was released in September 2011. It’s on my reading list, and hopefully I will find the time to review it soon. Head over to mixingaudio.com to take a peek at the book’s additional content (table of contents, audio examples and illustrations).

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Full article.

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  • Nels Verhoek

    Dennis luister dan zeker eens Roger Walters amused to Death.

  • Will Arbuckle

    ahhh. I’ve been (passively) looking for this answer for years… I heard it used on some voice acting for a creepy character about 5 years ago. I emailed the guy about it but he never got back in touch. Then earlier this year I was reminded again about this effect when I heard it on some music on a youtube video (where it clearly wasnt intentional). Cheers!

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