Turn Multi-Touch Gestures Into Key Commands With BetterTouchTool

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If you like using multi-touch gestures with Logic Pro, BetterTouchTool will blow your mind. Developed by Andreas Hegenberg from München, this utility seriously extends the functionality of your (Magic) Trackpad. BetterTouchTool brings you about 100 totally configurable gestures by combining multi-touch gestures together with the modifier keys on your Mac’s keyboard. Best of all, BetterTouchTool lets you configure gestures that are global or application specific, so turning gestures into key commands for Logic Pro is entirely possible. The utility works with the Magic Mouse, a tablet, keyboard, regular mouse and the Apple Remote. And it’s free.

Using BetterTouchTool With Logic Pro

After installing BetterTouchTool and launching it, you can find the utility in your menu bar. To quickly give you an idea how to turn trackpad gestures into key commands for Logic Pro, have a look at BetterTouchTool’s Gestures Preferences:

As you can see, I’ve made some gestures specific to Logic Pro by adding the Logic Pro application in the left pane. By tapping in a corner of the trackpad, I can now open the Piano Roll, Hyper Editor, Mixer, or Sample Editor. By rotating to the right I can toggle Cycle Mode. Setting this up is very easy: just choose a multi-touch gesture, and either assign a custom keyboard shortcut to it (a Logic Pro key command), or a predefined action. The list of predefined actions is extensive (enabling you to completely replace the trackpad settings in OS X System Preferences), but specific to OS X so not applicable in this case. The ability to add a note to a gesture is a handy feature and helps you stay organized.

Five Finger Taps, Clicks and Swipes

BetterTouchTool’s gestures range from single finger gestures (including tapping the top and bottom middle of your trackpad) to five finger gestures (including the five finger tap, click and swipe!). So yes, BetterTouchTool blows the OS X Trackpad Preferences pane straight out of the water (or seriously gave it eh, the finger).

BetterTouchTool requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). You can download it here. Hopefully Andreas will keep improving this utility, so donate if you use it often.

Don’t forget to Follow Andreas Hegenberg on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Found a multi-touch gesture that just perfectly fits a Logic Pro key command? Drop it below in the comment section!

Ciao tutti.

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  • Awesome! I love this blog!

    • Always a pleasure to hear that Jonathan!

  • Cool just got this up and running. 🙂 I really like the options that you came up with. Anyone found any other gestures that are good for productivity?? For some reason i cant disable apple built in four finger gestures (even tho i prefer to swipe between windows with three) but if i could i’d have cmd left/right swipe set up as undo/redo.

    I did however set up top centre tap as ‘play from selection’ very quick if you make changes to say a region and want to listen to it in the context of your mix.

  • Annylu

    Nice post,

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