Vocal Mix Tip From PureMix With Soundtoys Decapitator

a screenshot of soundtoys decapitator plugin

This vocal mixing tip just in my inbox, from Soundtoys:

Check out this incredibly simple but highly effective tip from Producer/Engineer Fab from PureMix and FLUX studios in NYC. It shows how to use Decapitator to add power, presence, and edge to a lead vocal so it holds its place in a modern pop rock mix. It’s subtle, which isn’t what most people think of with Decapitator. But that’s some of the magic behind this plug-in, behind great mixes, and behind great mixers like Fab. Click the image below to see and hear how you can use Decapitator to polish your vocal tracks.

You can get a 30-day demo here.You’ll need an iLok.

Video – a 3 minute excerpt from a larger video tutorial. I suspect the Decapitator plugin comes after the compression plugins that most likely have been used in this example.

More from Soundtoys:

Puremix is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to make better mixes. Long time SoundToys user and Grammy nominated mixer Fab takes you through professional mixing techniques with these high quality in-depth tutorial videos, including this juicy tidbit featuring Soundtoys Decapitator on vocals. His instruction is both informative and entertaining. His mixing credits include Jenifer Lopez, Kirk Whalum, Shakira/Freshyground, Nat King Cole and many others.

The full Puremix video is priced at $37, and with coupon code STxjWLBF you’ll get off 40% – valid until June 9, 2012.

Check out the PureMix site, there’s some good free stuff too.

Don’t have Soundtoys Decapitator? You can get good results by using the Logic Pro Clip Distortion plugin.

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  • Galen

    Great trick! Just used it on a vocal that was missing something I couldn’t put my fingers on. Thanks Danski!

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