16 Logic Pro Key Commands You Should Assign Today

logic pro key commands

If you’re a user of Logic Pro’s key command presets, be aware that there are many useful commands that have no key command assigned to them. Some of these functions even aren’t accessible via Logic Pro’s menu structure, so you may be unaware of some true gems. I’ve made a list of handpicked Logic Pro keyboard shortcuts that I think will improve your workflow, organized by category. I’ve also added suggestions for the key commands to assign to them – but that’s entirely up to you of course. I’ve added these suggestions to the Keycommander page under the category “Unassigned but Way Cool”. Found a good one you use often? Drop a comment!

Global Key Commands

set next higher division / set next lower division

logic pro transport

This allows you to quickly change the division of your project. Although the division is visible and draggable in Logic Pro’s transport, assigning these two key commands is worth it: the Matrix Editor’s grid reflects these division changes.

Suggested key command:

set next higher division:


set next lower division:


Various Windows

save as zoom 1-2-3 / recall zoom 1-2-3

In logic Pro, you can store up to three zoom settings for each window. Note that these settings do not store scroll bar position.

Suggested key commands:

save zoom 1:


recall zoom 1:


zoom to fit locators

logic pro zoom to fit

A lot of times you may find yourself editing stuff while your arrangement is playing in a loop. This key command quickly horizontally zooms the looped area you are working on. Use I to hide the Inspector, and B to hide the Browser for an even larger view.

Suggested key command:


store navigation snapshot

A navigation snapshot stores zoom level and scroll bar position. The navigation snapshot buffer holds up to 30 snapshots. The buffer gets emptied once you quit Logic Pro. You won’t be able to see which snapshot is active though (which makes yet another Logic Pro X feature request).

Suggested key command:


navigation back / forward

These allow you to flip through the navigation snapshot buffer.

Suggested key command:

navigation back:


navigation forward:


scroll in play

Instead of having Logic Pro flip through your arrangement like a book, have it scroll through it.

Suggested key command:


Windows Showing Audio Files

snap edits to zero crossings

logic pro snap to zero crossings

When making a selection of an audio file in the Sample Editor, have it snap to values of zero. Note that this also affects editing audio regions in the Arrange Window.

Suggested key command:


Arrange and Various Editors

select overlapped regions / events

logic pro overlapping regions

Instantly select all regions or events that overlap.

Suggested key command:


Now you may want to use - to remove these overlaps, or use +- to trim region end to next region.

Arrange Window

create nodes at region borders

logic pro automation nodes

This one creates one automation node at both sides of your region, which makes it easy to make fades that span the entire region.

Suggested key command:


create two nodes at region borders

logic pro create automation nodes

This one creates two automation nodes at both sides of your region, making it easy to change the automation of a region without affecting the surrounding automation.

Suggested key command:


delete redundant nodes

logic pro redundant nodes

After having copied several regions that contain automation, the regions will show redundant automation nodes. Erase them with this command.

Suggested key command:


delete unused tracks

Clean up your arrangement by deleting tracks that don’t do anything in your arrangement. Note that if an inactive track is selected, it wont be deleted by this command.

Suggested key command:


delay in ms

When you’re slightly changing the position of a region using the delay value in the Parameter Box, you can have that value display in milliseconds.

Suggested key command:


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  • Droste54

    What are your thoughts on the JP 8000 super saw and can it be re-created in Logic?

    • Droste,

      Good question. It’s all about voicecount.

      I don’t have the JP8000’s supersaw’s specs at hand,
      but I would use at least two instances of Logic Pro’s ES2 synth to try and replicate it. Tune the second instance slightly different. This way, voicecount should’nt be much of a problem. Use aliases to keep your sequencing workflow tight, or make an instrument in Environment
      that sends to both ES2’s. Cheers.

  • Stelio

    I love this one: “create two nodes at region borders”! 🙂

  • CanuckComp

    Great site!

    Something with Logic in recent years that bugs THE CRAP out of me is that, probably due to changes in how the OS handles floating windows, double-clicking on an inst/FX instantation while holding down a modifier key to make the instrument/FX UI window NOT FLOAT doesn’t work anymore. This is a big PITA for those with one monitor and even an inconvenience for those with two. Know of any workarounds?

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