Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger: A Logic Pro X Wishlist

logic pro x

Every now and then, I get these “I wish I could do this in Logic Pro” moments. And in the past year, a lot of article drafts for this site have turned out to be mere feature requests. This post is a good place to put all these ideas together.

I will probably add to this post in the future, so consider it under permanent construction. Feel free to add to it by leaving a comment. Whether Logic Pro X will be revolutionary, evolutionary, consumer focused, prosumer focused, or another joke on Conan – who knows? Let’s just kick off 2012 with a Logic Pro X Wishlist.

Audio Region Editing

ARA: Melodyne Integration

It’s time. Something’s got to give: Either Apple buys Celemony (Merkel would be pissed!), or Apple further develops its own Pitch Correction technology (it needs work…), or Apple fully embraces Audio Random Access (ARA, Celemony’s audio interface extension that enables full integration of Melodyne into your Digital Audio Workstation – if your DAW happens to be Presonus Studio One Version 2).

Post Plugin Waveforms

Have the option to preview what the waveform of an audio region looks like after processing.

Apple Loop Editing In Sample Editor

Most edit functions in the Sample Editor are greyed out when trying to edit an Apple Loop. Understandable – no one would want to destructively edit an Apple Loop – but there’s got to be a better way.

Audio Region Gain

Just like in Pro Tools 10: the ability to change gain on the audio region itself, with changes immediately reflected in the waveform.

Flex: Gain

Change volume of selection/slice while Flex Mode is active. Lots to be learned from Melodyne here.

Spectral Overview

Having some form of spectral information right on top of an audio region. Forgot to filter out stuff? See it instantly.

More Fade Options and Pitch Curves

Be able to move a fade freely over a region (not just at the end or beginning). In the case of Slow Down/Speed Up fades: control over intensity (not just all the way down/up). Create breakpoints with the Fade Tool. Copy/paste fades on regions. Convert fades to automation. Share fades. Import Tiësto’s backspins. I digress.

A Faster Loop Browser

We need instant loop playing in the Loop Browser while your song is running. That, and the option to quantize loop triggers (on the next 1/16th, 1/8th, 1/4th note, like in Ableton Live). Speaking of triggers: why not be able to trigger samples straight from the browser, and record that live on an audio track?

Fix Audio Region Length To Locators

Even if this requires inserting silence, or adding it to the end of an audio file. See this article.

More Stretch Algorithms

That includes the grainy ones from the old days.

True Audio Region Cloning

A potential timesaver. For now, only region length changes work when you’re cloning audio regions in Logic Pro.

Roll Edit Tool

Just like in Final Cut!

MIDI Region Editing

MIDI Take Folders That Really Work

You can make a take folder from a selection of MIDI regions, but you can’t comp them. The insanity! (Thanks, Volition!).

Arrange Window

Live Updating Of Changes In Region Parameter Box

Hearing changes made to some playback parameters requires you to release the mousebutton. This gets annoying, especially in the Advanced Quantization section.

Better Navigation Snapshots

At least have something display what navigation snapshot is currently active. The navigation snapshot buffer should be saved along with the project. We should have the option to edit what’s in that buffer. Currently, the buffer evaporates after quitting Logic Pro.

Warning: Odd Region Length

When looping regions with odd lengths, optionally get a warning about it.

Color Multiple Regions In Gradients

Auto color multiple regions in gradients: color all your synth tracks with gradients of green.

Takefolders: Instant Updates

Comping while Logic Pro is playing isn’t instant. It has to be faster!

Takefolders: Autocomp

After editing one comp, have the option to automatically create comps based on the preceding and succeeding takes that were used to make the first comp. A lot of times a singer or player delivers a winning streak of good takes. This option would greatly speed up instrument or vocal doubling.

Takefolder: Partially Mute/Delete Take

This would enable muting or deleting parts of a take you’ll never use anyway.


Automatable Automation Breakpoints

Breakpoints in Logic Pro automation should be automatable. Provided that Logic Pro automation remains sample accurate at all costs, this feature would open up a ton of creative possibilities. Much to learn from Cableguys’ Volumeshaper here.

Automation Aliases

If you are into putting your automation on separate regions, you’ll know that making changes to your automation won’t be reflected in any aliases of those regions. What a potential timesaver that would be!

Sample Accuracy – No Matter What!

Sample Accurate Automation – no matter what or how many plugins are being used. Nuff said.

Save Automation as Apple Loop

Fades are an integral part of a composition. Building your own fade library by saving automation as an Apple Loop unfortunately is not a very intuitive process. Automation data that’s on a separate audio region can’t be saved as an Apple Loop.

Automation Curve Presets

Sine wave, pulse wave, square wave – ready to be used as automation via a drag and drop interface. Great alternative to LFO’s, providing that Logic Pro’s automation is sample accurate.


Stack Channel Strip Settings

When loading a Channel Strip setting, any Audio Unit plugins that already have been inserted will be replaced. We should have the option to load a channel strip setting on top of an existing one.

Visual Mixing Interface?

What if we could actually push a sound to the back of our soundscape on an iPad or Magic Trackpad? Swipe a sound to the left or right, and pinch to make the stereo field of a sound a little narrower?

Reorder Tracks In The Mixer Window

Change the order of tracks in the mixer window, with changes immediately reflected in the Arrange Window (thanks, MacAudio!). There are other ways to organize audio objects in Logic Pro however.

Scalable Channel Strips

Pointed out by Artdog (thanks!).

Delete Unused Audio Objects In Mixer Window

Title says it all…

Plugins Pass Data Succesfully

After connecting two audio objects with a cable in the Environment, parameter changes in one plugin should be reflected in the other in real time. One of my top requests. This would lay the groundwork for some heavy duty data mangling possibilities. Plugins with output are there, but Logic Pro won’t let us use them.

Sample Editor

Third Party Plugin Integration

Third party plugins! We need them right there. Combined with audio region clones: winning!

I/O Plugin Support

Speaking of plugin support in Sample Editor: Having access to outboard gear right inside the Sample Editor – with the I/O plugin – would be a big step forward. You could touch up a sample with your favorite outboard EQ, then apply it to the sample. All audio region clones will then follow. Winning!

Drag Selection To…

Drag Selection to Arrange Window, Browser, Desktop, Mail.

Score Window

Send Score To iPad

iPad apps for reading/creating scores are out there. See here, and here.

Piano Roll

Basic Music Theory Integration

Logic Pro is chord-aware. Next step: awareness of chord function within a key. Possible edit functions: Auto Chord Substitution, Quick Chord Inversion.

Smarter Legato

Legato based on locator length. Also: for basic string section editing, have the option to merge all repeated notes (of same pitch) with one click.

Piano Roll Step Time Editing

Create notes by clicking on the piano keyboard in the Piano Roll window.

Replace Chord

Select a chord, then replace it by merely playing a new one on a keyboard.

Select Equal Subpositions

Have the option to select equal subpositions by beat, measure, or bar.

Project Handling

Open Project Without Plugins

Although the Import function was a great step forward, it lacks visual feedback. In the OS X Finder, the project screenshot that gets attached to the project file can help out but still: a weak track naming regime can result in some serious guesswork. Having the option to open a second project without any plugins would be a good alternative to the current Import function in Logic Pro.


Export As Quicktime Movie

The option to bounce the entire project, including a video of the moving timeline.

Export Production Notes/Log

When bouncing all tracks, have the option to create a document or .PDF file with information about plugins used, and their settings, including screenshots of all plugin windows. Also: include the option to export all used plugin presets, while being able to separate Logic Pro’s stock plugins from third-party plugins. Yes!

About _bip…

_bip at the end of each filename after bouncing all tracks looks silly. The option to either remove it or change it would be nice. Just to make your Pro Tools engineer a little happier. You can batch rename audio files with Automator.

Upload to…

Soundcloud, Youtube, the works.

ZIP Archive

After bouncing all tracks: have the option to ZIP the folder containing all audio files used in a project. Password protection should be optional. These are all basic functions in OS X, and they should be implemented in Logic Pro. After all, this intuitiveness is Apple’s hallmark.

Plugins & Softsynths

Refresh Channel Strip Settings Menu

Changes made to your Channel Strip Settings in Finder won’t automatically be reflected in Logic Pro’s Channel Strip settings menu. You’ll have to quit and relaunch Logic Pro. How about an option to refresh that menu?

Deactivate All Bypassed Plugins

You may want to load plugins by the bunch. In that case, being able to quickly deactivate all bypassed plugins would be handy. See this article.

Musical Equalization For Channel EQ

Have the option to automatically set Logic Pro’s Channel EQ bands to multiples of the band you are working on. Say you found a sweet spot to be at 500 Hz, then this function would automatically set the frequencies of the consecutive bands at 1 Khz, 2 Khz, 4 Khz, and so on.

A Better Direction Mixer

The interface of Logic Pro’s Direction Mixer is dangerously deceptive. Putting ‘extending the stereo base’ of a L/R signal and the option to decode M/S material in one plugin can potentially force newcomers to mid/side processing into huge trouble. See my article for some great free metering plugins.

A Randomize Button For All Softsynths

The randomize button on the ES2 is great for inspiration. All synths need this button (and the button should show up in Automation).

Truncate & Purge Sampler Plugins

No matter what your Mac’s specs are, the rule somehow seems to be that you will push it to its limit. Memory will be your first problem, especially when running Logic Pro in 32-bit mode. There should be some form of communication between plugins and the Arrangement Window: Sampler plugins (EXS24, Kontakt, Kontakt Player, etc.) should be aware of what samples are being used in the regions that play these instruments. In other words: once you think the arrangement of a certain instrument is finished, you should be able to remove all unused samples from a sampler instrument.


Finer control of the ADSR envelopes. See this article.

EXS24: Disable “Convert to Sampler Instrument” for .CAF Files

Or rather enable it, because now you can convert an apple loop to a Sampler Instrument, but you’ll hear nothing when playing it.

EXS24: Modulate Sample Start

It seems that it’s limited to 500ms of a sample. Pourquoi?

Plugin Menu Structure

The human wrist is not made of steel. Ever had a mouse misclick while selecting a plugin from the Waves Mercury bundle? Navigation for the plugin menu should be better, preferably with a folder structure that can be customized. We should have the option to organize third party plugins by category. And once a plugin is active: have the option to select the next/previous plugin in a category.

Delay Plugins: Delay Time Resolution

We could use a better resolution here. (thanks, Kenlanders!).

Panning Control In Stereo Delay

Because hard left and hard right are just what they are: hard. Direction Mixer can solve this, for now.

Multipressor With Multiband Sidechaining

Preferably have one sidechain input for each band. 6 bands would be nice. Knee control, and Auto-Release. Now-now-now-now we’re feeling fly like a C6.

Adaptive Limiter

This one could use an attenuation meter…

Bigger Voicecount On The ES2

Make ES2 compete again with the Virus TI and Sylenth. The ES2’s voice count is just very yesterday.

Plugin Grouping/Alias Plugins

Edit multiple plugins of the same kind in one go.

Plugins With MIDI and Automation Output

I believe Bluecat Audio really was on to something here. Their plugins offer actual MIDI and automation output. From around version 9.0.1 on, this stopped working in Logic Pro however. I’ve contacted Bluecat Audio about this in October 2011, and they got in touch with Apple. So far, no answer.

A Randomize Button On Every Softsynth

All softsynths should have one, not just the EFM1 and ES2.

MIDI plugins

Better arpeggiator, and skins for real-world synths (i.e. control a hardware synth via this plugin).

iPad Integration

This would open up a whole universe of possibilities: remote control, sample editing, score editing. There’s already an ocean of third party apps out there – I’d love to see Apple’s take on this.

SIRI Integration

Read this article for some ideas. Unlikely in the near future, but fun to dream about.

Cloud Collaboration

You have to give it to them: the people over at Ohmforce have taken a giant leap for music-making mankind when it comes to music collaboration over the web. Apple’s got the backbone (iCloud), but will they nail this, or even dare to try?

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  • MacAudio

    Very Nice…
    Left out the one where you can change track positions in the mixer view and the arranger window is in sync.
    The PDF bit is very very usefull. iPad is a must.

    • Hey MacAudio, thanks! How could I have missed this one? I’m adding it to the post. Cheers.

    • abstracto

      Two years ago I sent these requests and this is the response I got from Apple:A copy of your message for reference:1.) An “Arpeggiator” from the front end that can be integrated in a channel strip like a plugin or a “Floating Window” without having to use the environment. Talk about time consuming and having to make templates and Cable Switchers etc…. Look at how Reason integrates a Arpeggiator with it’s instruments.2.) Destructive edits with Third party plugins within the “Editor Window”. It’s a buzz kill to have to use an external editor or swap over to another Application.3.) Faster Time Stretch and Expansion tool; stretching or compressing a whole song for instance an acapella, takes at least 10 minutes per edit. This is way to long, every other DAW does this with ease….i.e. “Pro Tools”, “Digital Performer”, “Cubase” etc….it’s 2010, update this; no one has 1 Hr to sit and time stretch five files. Again it’s a buzz kill to have to use an external editor or swap over to another Application.4.) Drum tool with at least 4-6 Groups with 16 Pad sections with four samples per pad for Drum layering. In each pad and ADSR, Sample Delay, Reverse and Volume for each Layer with these functions available on Layer per pad. Additionally it should have a Save Drum Bank function to session like “Ultrabeat” and “EXS 24”; and an Export Group function for easily building presents and drum custom Drum Banks. Take examples from something like “FXpansion GURU” or “MOTU BPM” without an integrated sequencer because thats what we have Logic for; save the DSP for Samples and Drum layering. 5.) An “Export Sample” function for all sample based instruments that can be “Zipped” in a Folder like a “Propellerheads Refill”. This would make it easier to organize custom sample based libraries, save HD space and make the process of using the “EXS 24” more pleasant. The “EXS 24” can not distinguish between two files named the same in different HD’s. Every other sample based instrument can do this already!!!! If it can not be programmed to do so; at least by having a Zipped Sample file format it will seek the file and access what is inside the folder without having to do long searches for samples on 1 TD hard drives that can be = Yes, time consuming!!!!6.) Update the “EXS 24” its the most old school sampler in any DAW. Look at “NI Kontakt”, and “MOTU MachFive” the GUI’s are practical and easy to use from the front end. It’s been more then 8 years since any of the instruments have been updated!!!!!!7.) Sample Accurate editing in the “Arrange Page”; I can live without it although it would be nice.8.) Option to disable the “Snap to Zero” function in the “Editor Window”. Using an external editor is a buzz kill when editing. Just when you want to slice in a specific spot the freaking Application moves the left or to the right of were you want to edit. Look at the “Sample Editor” in “Cubase” it’s very similar to “Logic” although it works in a more comprehensive manner. 9.) A “Tap to Tempo” function. Just add it to the “BPM Counter” with a function attached to the space bar or with a “MIDI Learn” function that can be used by anything that can be tapped i.e. Buttons, Keys etc….. Or just make a Tap Tempo plugin.10.) “Chord Memorizer” as a plugin for control from the front. While were at it anything that can be added from the “Environment” from the “clicks and ports” section that is performance based should just be integrated as plugins or floating windows. The “Environment” is so unnecessary at this day and age. It make integrating controllers such a pain. Every manufacturer either takes a long time support there controllers for “Logic” if they do so at all. Look at how “Cubase” implements External MIDI it’s very easy and as a DAW “Logic” and “Cubase” are very similar. Logic is the hardest DAW by far to get any controller working period because there always an extra step with the freaking “Environment”. It’s 2010 plug and play or at worst a CD with a driver. No one wants to sit down and a Three page process of connecting cables and the such….time is money ask Steve Jobs if wants a portable device that takes a three to four page manual to sync with iTunes….get the picture????Let’s get working……. _________________________________________________Thank you for your submission to the online Customer Feedback page for Logic. Though we don’t have a chance to respond directly to all of the submissions, we definitely read and seriously consider each one. Your submission from March contained a lot of valid criticisms and suggestions. I have a few questions and comments about a few of them that will help clarify what you are discussing.2.) Destructive edits with Third party plugins within the “Editor Window”. It’s a buzz kill to have to use an external editor or swap over to another Application. This request is often debated here and it would help the “cause” if you’d provide an example or two of how/when you need this in your workflow and how the new Bounce in Place options do not suffice for your application.

      3.) Faster Time Stretch and Expansion tool; stretching or compressing a whole song for instance an acapella, takes at least 10 minutes per edit. This is way to long, every other DAW does this with ease….i.e. “Pro Tools”, “Digital Performer”, “Cubase” etc….it’s 2010, update this; no one has 1 Hr to sit and time stretch five files. Again it’s a buzz kill to have to use an external editor or swap over to another Application. It’s a bit puzzling to hear this request after the introduction of Flex Time in version 9. This provides equal to or better elastic audio functionality as compared to competing products. The process described above can be done in minutes for multiple tracks, not 10m a track. Perhaps you can clarify what it is you’re missing?

      5.) An “Export Sample” function for all sample based instruments that can be “Zipped” in a Folder like a “Propellerheads Refill”. This would make it easier to organize custom sample based libraries, save HD space and make the process of using the “EXS 24” more pleasant. The “EXS 24” can not distinguish between two files named the same in different HD’s. Every other sample based instrument can do this already!!!! If it can not be programmed to do so; at least by having a Zipped Sample file format it will seek the file and access what is inside the folder without having to do long searches for samples on 1 TD hard drives that can be = Yes, time consuming!!!! Agree with all your suggestions for updating EXS. In the last two updates, we’ve made hard choices to apply those engineers to other major feature developments. In Logic 9, it was primarily Flex Time. I’m sure you’re already aware of it, but in case you’re not, I strongly recommend the program EXS Manager from Redmatica to help with your EXS sample management tasks.

      7.) Sample Accurate editing in the “Arrange Page”; I can live without it although it would be nice. Again puzzling. This has been there since Logic 8.

      8.) Option to disable the “Snap to Zero” function in the “Editor Window”.Also been there for some time. 2nd to last option under Edit within the Sample Edit window.
      9.) A “Tap to Tempo” function. Just add it to the “BPM Counter” with a function attached to the space bar or with a “MIDI Learn” function that can be used by anything that can be tapped i.e. Buttons, Keys etc….. Or just make a Tap Tempo plugin. Available, though arguably not that easy to discover.

      1. Set Key Command for “Tap Tempo”
      2. Set Sync to “Manual” or “Auto”
      3. Tap away.

      Search for “Tempo Interpretor” in manual for more details.

      10.) “Chord Memorizer” as a plugin for control from the front.don’t quite understand this request but I think you simply mean “don’t make me go to Environment for this”, which I totally understand and agree with.
      Thank you again for your feedback.  I look forward to more input and suggestions in the future. The Logic Customer Feedback team

  • Artdog

    I hate the way the mixer doesn’t scale to the screen size. When I mix on my macbook it looks great but switch to a 27″ imac and the channel strips are tiny.

    • Artdog, thanks, noted! I’ll add it to the post. Ciao

  • AbsoJV

    After seeing this, my Logic Pro X Wishlist is:

    1. Hire Danski as head of future Logic Pro development.
    2. See rule 1.

    Great list.  A solid handful of things I’d never even dreamed of before, all of which would be very useful.

    • Hey AbsoJV. Thanks much. The list is far from complete though – it will keep growing! Cheers.

  • mainstage as a software instrument. PLEASE!

  • Resonate79

    you can type region gain in the parameter window – i use it all the time. it doesnt make the waveform grow, though. But works great with fades and all…

    • Hey Resonate79, thanks. Yes, I am aware of that. It’s the visualization I am after here though! Cheers

  • “Better navigation for the plugin menu. Editable folder structure.
    Organize third party plugins by Category. Select next/previous plugin in

    “Be able to move a fade freely over a region (not just at the end or
    beginning). In the case of Slow Down/Speed Up fades: control over
    intensity (not just all the way down/up). Create breakpoints with the
    Fade Tool. Copy/paste fades on regions. Convert fades to automation.”+1

    “…or they further develop their own Pitch Correction technology (it needs work)…” +++1!!!

    Great list Danski!

  • Ludovic Benhamou

    please apple keep audio unit bridge….even not supported!

  • Several of my wishes here… FlexPitch (Auto-Tune/Melodyne -like thingy) is a must, and real-time waveforms AT LEAST on (cross)fades, but preferably on everything would be SO informative.

    Nice blog!

  • Volition

    – Mixer snapshots as discussed here

    – Ability to make comps of MIDI takes

    • Hey Volition, somehow I can’t open that link. But takefolders for MIDI regions (with comping actually working): excellent! Added it to the article. Cheers.

      • Volition

        Basically a function that saves the mixer (complete with plug-in states, etc) so you can step through a mix, do different mixes, etc in the same project.

        Another one would be individual region/object processing. I.e. that an effect chain can be applied to a single region/object. This is something Samplitude has had for some years. Explained here:

        I really want to see ARA support too!

        • Volition, 
          Looks like that link now finally works. Guess has been updating their site – it looks pretty 2012!
          However, reading that article is sending my mind off to places far, far, away. That usually means there should
          be a better way, and your suggestion to be able to save mixer/plugin states is just perfect.
          I remember very well the Yamaha 02R mixer console calling those ‘snapshots’ – don’t worry, I sold that thing a while ago.
          Mixer snapshots is what we need. I’ll add it! Thanks. Brilliant.

  • mk3

    Thank you for this. Absolutely, yes, proper compable MIDI take folders. The MIDI take folder functionality is useless. Here is my wish list to make MIDI Take Folders useful:

    – QuickSwipe comping of MIDI takes

    – ability to merge multiple selected takes

    – ability to copy, paste, drag regions and parts of regions between takes- ability to copy, paste, drag regions and parts of regions between take folders 

    – New Take command

    – Duplicate Take command

    – separate automation for each take- mk3

  • mk3

    Also, let’s finally have real Track Folders. The current “Folder Tracks” are really Region Folders and are more time-based. Call those Region Folders, but also add normal collapsible track folders, such as every other DAW allows.

    Both types of Folders should be more intuitive also. One should not need to pack and unpack, with the attendant leaving of empty tracks or creation of new tracks. One should be able to just drag tracks and regions into and out of folders. One should not have to enter into and out of folders to view the contents, but the Track Folders should also have expansion triangles. Also one should still be able to see Folderized tracks in the Arrange Mixer (if so desired).

    Essentially, let’s have Folders that behave more like Finder folders: collapsible, movable, expandable, drag-and-drop-able, but with all the DAW functionality.

    MOTU Track folders:

    Cubase Folder Tracks:

    • MK3,
      Thanks for contributing. I need to look into the links you’ve posted, but one thing’s for sure: Logic Pro’s folder 
      structure could be a lot more powerful. I know how to make them, apply them, but still, the process of applying
      them in arranging a song isn’t very – how should I say this – inviting. So hat tip to you. One step beyond: how about
      Alias Folders? Lots of potential there too. I’ll look into those links and report back, in the article. Cheers!

      • mk3

        Thank you for the reply, Danski!. What did you mean about Alias folders?

        By the way, there is another issue with folders: I only tried using Logic’s current track folders thus far in a couple of projects, but both those projects became corrupted! I got the dreaded “Damaged Project” error, and had to rebuild the project from backups in a new template. So now I am avoiding using Folders in their current implementation. Maybe it had nothing to do with that, but I’ve never gotten the “Damaged Project” issue in other (non-Folderized) Logic projects.

        • About Alias Folders: Pack a folder, then copy it while holding option-shift. Very powerfull stuff… Change the contents of the original folder and the folder alias will follow. This enables very quick arrangement changes. 

      • mk3

        By the way, I am not suggesting that Apple do away with the current version of Folders, as some people like those, which I call “Region Folders”. I am suggesting, rather, that there is an additional implementation of collapsible Track Folders, and also that the functionality of all Folders (including Take Folders) be improved, allowing easy drag-and-drop adding and removing items to, from, and between Folders, etc.

        • See if I get this… do you mean adding regions to a folder, regardless of its position on the timeline? 

          • mk3

            No, I meant folders that store tracks rather than regions. So any selection of tracks can just be dragged into a folder which can be collapsed or expanded within the context of the arrangement (not by drilling down into a folder). Every other DAW now has this kind of functionality, I believe.

            Ironically this functionality is derived from Apple’s own Finder, which utilizes expandable hierarchical folders in List view. Yet Logic, Apple’s own DAW, is the only DAW which lacks such a function. It’s my #1 request for Logic.

  • Aliboogie

    Mixer Window: possibility to switch different mixes for the same project.
    General: Low latency Monitoring support.

    • Aliboogie,
      Yup, switching mixes (I’d call ‘m snapshots) would be a beautiful thing!
      About latency: what (if any) external audio interface are you using? Ciao.

  • Kenlanders

    Another request: better resolution for delay time in the delay plugins

    • Ken, gotcha! Adding it to the post! Have a good weekend.

  • Steve

    Stabel as PC software Please ?

    • Now THAT would be cool…

  • Volition

    Theres something Ive been missing a lot lately.. Being able to record both dry and wet to the same region (i.e. input 1&2 dry, 3&4 wet). For reference, I think this already exists in Pro Tools (?).
    Then just select wet or dry version from an audio regions right-click menu, and it would switch all takes/comping to the dry or wet version.
    Would clean up my projects a lot 🙂

    • Volition, I presume you work with some outboard gear? Good idea.

  • Captcha

    The step time piano roll note creating is already possible? Either by capslock/midi-keyboard or  step-input keyboard. Just activate it by clicking the “in” button, which is on the left of the green “out” button? I think this is already pretty efficient way. If you were to just click the piano keys in the pieno roll, where can you check the samples?

  • Zee

    – Mapping midi ala Ableton, quick automation access is a pain in the butt
    – A looper plugin please!
    – Stereo waveform view in the arrange

    • Zee, thanks. Agree, agree, agree. Ableton nailed that. I’m currently trying out Audio Damage Replicant, a looper plugin – hopefully will report soon. 

  • Henrik

    I’d like a graphic indication of which plugins or parameters on a channel strip that has automation. The current “Read” status tells you there’s active automation, but not what part of the channel strip is being automated. For example, the slot of a plugin that has active automation could get a colored frame. Perhaps also a real time display, so when Logic is not playing back, you can see that there is automation programmed, and then during playback there’s an indication when that automation occurs.

    And for Pete’s sake, I’d like to be able to organize my plugins folder myself. The navigation via the third party plugin producer’s names is a pain. For example, I want to create a folder of the ten plugins I use 95% of the time, and put it on the top level for easy access.

    • Henrik, yes, for some reason I often have ‘Read’ enabled while having automated nothing. This gets annoying when I want to manually change the volume of the channelstrip. Good point! I did mention customization of the plugin folder structure in the article, thanks.

  • Henrik

    Oh, and I want the ability to see which channels are feeding a particular Aux. Like; a right click on the Aux displays a list of which channels that are bussed or sending signal signal to it, and you could easily get a mixer display with just those channels showing.

    • Henrik, brilliant idea! Huge timesaver. Adding all the new stuff soon!

  • Ikk

    There is a roll tool

    It’s called the junction tool

    • Hey Ikk, thanks, yes. Perhaps I got the name of the tool wrong – what’d I’d like to be able to do is change the contents of the region in an easy way without going into the Sample Editor. Cheers!

  • Henrik

    One more thing that has annoyed the heck out of me for years: When performing a Strip Silence, you can’t zoom in on the preview. If you have a long region, such as a drum take that’s the length of the song, it’s quite a bit of guesswork whether or not the settings are suitable for what you want to do.

    Also, it would be nice to have the option of not deleting the “silence” parts, but being able to cut up the track and keep those parts with a separate volume control. Then you’d have the option of turning them down a bit instead of silencing them completely. This is something a good gate can do, and the effect can be a lot more natural on say a tom track than a fully shut gate/deleting the “silence” parts.

    • Henrik, let me play devil’s advocate here for a bit: what if you convert the entire drumtrack to an EXS24 sampler instrument? You may have to split the drums part (verse, chorus, etc). I’ve tested the accuracy of this function a couple times (convert audio to an EXS24 instrument and then bounce it back to audio) and I must say it’s accurate. The second part of your message: the amount of reduction in Logic’s Noise Gate plugin is controllable, so your not limited to silencing them completely. Before you think I’m a wiseass: I agree, the strip silence interface needs work! It’s got Emagic written all over it. In Flex mode, I’ve been looking hard for something like ‘split audio by transient markers’. Can’t find it. Could be I need a weekend though.

  • Nicholas_webb1980

    tracking multiprocessor distribution would be a must logic only using one core is driving me nuts

  • Akarnak

    One of the most important thing, which is absent in Mixer of Logic – All inserts off button! Guys, take attention on this!

    • Akarnak, good one, thanks!

  • Better Automation
    Automation is very annoying. I constantly keep making nodes, or taking them away. I need to switch tools constantly to mark automation, move it, and there are only secret tricks how to copy one automation and move it to another track and copy it into another parameter. The workflow around automation needs to get better with fewer tools and fewer false clicks. More intuitive, please.

    Global Track Overhaul
    The global track is also hard to use. Tempo changes, the zoom level, everything is just fiddling around. And only one marker track? Why not incorporate global tracks into the arrangement window, or at least make them look the same. I could create several marker tracks to note stuff in the arrangement, while I edit my tempo as other automation curves. Currently, editing the tempo is a PITA.

    Get Rid of the Hyper Editor
    Global track tempo, automation, hyper editor. All of those are somehow similar, but we need several editors that behave differently. Major annoyance. There is an option of treating hyper editor data like an automation curve, which is nice, but why not unifying those? Expression should really be an automation curve like volume. The hyper editor is hard to use, again a different set of tools is used, it works differently, I just gave up and hope I don’t have to use it. It’s fiddely, it’s annoying. Rewrite please, make it look better and work easier.

    Overhaul Environment or get rid of it
    Every user coming to logic tries to avoid the environment. Yes, it’s powerful and you can probably write a word processor in it. But it’s old, it’s ugly. A major refresh would be nice, with better modules, better debug capability, easier visual reference as to what’s happening where and why.

    Sample Editor is very basic and could be way extended.

    Update AU
    AU is very limited, it can’t even send MIDI data. Plugins that have some kind of built-in sequencer and would output MIDI don’t output MIDI. It would be nice to use plugins such as Sugar Byte’s Eloquence and record the MIDI stuff, but it doesn’t work.

    Track Management and Mixer View
    Arranging tracks, putting them into folders, is not intuitive and a multi-step-process, when in fact this should be quick and easy in order not to stop the creative flow, because I rearrange tracks all the time for sound design projects. I group them, I move them around, I move new tracks in, or take some tracks out again and put them in other folders. And taking tracks out of folders is not intuitive, either. I’d like better management functions to group tracks into folders, taking them out, rearranging them. Quickly, with only a few clicks.

    And having busses configurable per folder would be nice, too, so I don’t need to go in and assign all tracks to a bus, and then manage the busses when I move tracks around. Would be nice if every track I dropped into a folder would just get this bus.
    And a folder mute button.

    Plugins per Region
    Soundtrack Pro had this, where you could apply a plugin, but only apply it to a single region. I miss this in Logic. Sometimes, I really only want to apply a plugin to a single region and I need to create an extra track for it. If I could drop a plugin to one region only, this would be nice.

    Creating a new track one always needs to assign colors. Even if I put a new track into a track group, I need to re-init the color. Track templates would be nice, or that at least a new track would take the color from the currently selected track. It’s really a few clicks that are unnecessary. And the color palette is blinding. Did I take the yellow yellowish sunny yellow or the more yellow yellowish white yellow beside it? Hmm, hard to say. A better color pallette management would be nice. I know you can customize the palette, but I would think a software comes with functions applicable to a task and not that I have to re-configure half of it to get going.

    32bit / 64bit
    Make everything work in 64bit. First, the 32bit bridge was very unstable, and now you have to think of the task you have to do, because for example one can’t output movies with a new sound in 64bit mode. You need to be in 32bit mode to export a movie. Annoying.

    Batch Export Functions
    When creating sound effects, I would like to define regions where they start and stop in a folder, and then export them at once. Currently, I need to bounce every sound individually, name it and such. Would be nice if I could make markers in a folder, name them, and then just say: bounce all markers in this folder, name samples like marker names. Something like that. Because from time to time I add an effect to a track, and then need to export 20 samples all over again.

    Piano Roll copy/paste behaviour
    When copying notes in the piano roll, opening another region, selecting the piano roll editor and then pasting the copied notes, all kinds of weird stuff happens. Regions get extended, notes get pasted somewhere completely different, the whole MIDI part of the project can go south. Would be nice if these things didn’t happen and Logic just pasted notes in the piano roll, in the selected region, at the point of the transport bar…

    I work in 64bit mode, sometimes with a lot of sample libs going. And I get all kinds of weird effects. Plugins crashing Logic is, well, fault of the plugins, but I get weird graphic effects in the piano roll, I get arpeggios that don’t fire off quick enough in 64bit mode, in 32bit mode everything works fine, as if there was a latency in 64bit, I get instruments that suddenly stop playing, automation doesn’t get written, channels go silent… I need to close Logic, then open it again, mostly it then works again. Sometimes I need to switch to 32bit, or vice versa. Sometimes I need to reboot my Mac. Really slowing me down.

    I really would appreciate the ability to have one project open, and my music friend opening Logic, hooking up into my project, have everything synced to him, so that I can work on basslines, he on the pad chord progression, and then tweak some plugin settings, while I make other changes. Currently, we just sit by each other, one does the work, the other one plays with toys. Not very motivating. Multiplayer features would really be cool.

    • Hey Chris, thanks for contributing! Very good points. 

  • P Mimran

    There will not be a New Logic pro X apple have no intention to release it and nobody to work on it .

    That’s just the end i think this is the reality 


    • Foljs

      Yes, that’s must be why 9 had a ton of updates (the latest some 3 months ago), and they took the effort to move it to the Mac App Store too. As in NOT.

      Face it: you almost never have advance knowledge when an Apple pro app appears. They just do. At best you get a public demo a week or so before launch date.

  • RastaChess

    What desperately want in the next logic pro.
    1.- The ability independently assign specific MIDI input channel/port to individual tracks.  This will open the software’s functionality. And it would turn the software in a real powerful live performance instrument.
    2.- The capacity to use logic Nodes in 64bit. This is paramount. We can now use all the ram. Now we need more processor power!. Adding 64 bit nodes would pretty much make Logic the Zeus of music softwares.

  • Performance , (Clip View) Like Ableton and forthcoming Bitwig Studio. Its just such a great tool for arranging. Current workaround is using scenes in Maschine : )



    • Alyx, yes I’d love to see Apple leave the concept of a traditional timeline – at least give us the option to. Good one. 


  • Kamalkeys

    If logic release a new version please make sure that it has multiple marker tracks

  • Owen

    My suggestions:

    1. A scripting object for the Environment, so you could write code to manipulate MIDI. (Lua etc)
    2. Inserts turn red when their input overs.

    nice article!

    • Owen, thanks! Scripting, ouch! I like that. 


  • Ludo Block Device

    Ability to listen apple loops / rex / acid-wav in real time and tempo synced (tired of waiting while switching to another loop)
    Ability to bounce in place regions with sends
    Auto selection of bounce output or a way to choose the output you want to bounce into the bounce window

    • Hey Ludo,

      Gotcha. Thanks for your contribution. Cheers

  • Guest

    A line tool for drawing midi notes in the piano roll would be nice…. especially if it had wave shape options. Cubase has had this midi tool for years now.

  • Hey DIrk,

    Yes it would – good one, thanks!

  • Jschmidtiii

    Automation curve presets are an absolute must.  The is one point that that the loyal logic user must concede in the logic v. protools debate. 

  • Bradconfer

    Bloody hell that would be an amazing daw. 

  • Cfrench007

    I would love to be able to have my band mates (living in other areas) listen to an unfinished track via FaceTime (or similar type of communication app). Right now I have to bounce and then send them a copy and then discuss the track. Would love real time interaction with me controlling Logic and them listening in real time via the Internet.

  • I think Apple needs to rewright some code because ive been demoing studio one and im getting no one core only while the other are taking a nap problems lol

  • Starchild Excalibur

    I really hope Apple stumbles upon this… I think I have a really great idea…

    I want Logic to have the ability to ‘REVERSE THE TIMELINE’ or ‘FLIP THE TAPE’. The entire timeline would flip so that all audio files and midi would play BACKWARDS. Then, it should allow us to record NEW audio and midi tracks forward, while everything else is playing backwards. Then, we could hit the ‘REVERSE THE TIMELINE’ button again. Now, all reversed audio would go back to normal, but the newly-recorded audio/midi would play backwards.

    This would emulate the old trick where audio engineers would take analog tape and flip it upside down so that musicians could play along and create new tracks while they listened to the other tracks playing in reverse.

    If Apple would do this, it would set it apart from ALL other DAWS. Plus, it will finally do the ONE THING left that audio tape can do better than digital.

    Apple, I hope you’re listening…. 😉

  • Volition

    There should be a way to communicate as many things as possible with OSC.
    For instance if you could utilize OSC to communicate transport functions like start, continue, stop, position, cycle, BPM changes, etc. you could get much tighter sync than what is currently possible with MIDI Clock and MTC. Not because it’s faster (which is a very relative argument), but because some environments and DAWs, notably Max/MSP, pdata, Reaktor and Renoise, now support OSC in a way that would allow a better implementation for syncing between different software.

  • i would like to have the ability of of adjusting star and end points of the samples in esx 24 also the ability to easily time stretch samples within esx would be great! Also region gain within take folders as you are editing would be great!,

  • Forget Logic node, instead, let’s have a “Rewire-like” app solution to connect and synchronize all iOS and Mac OS computers running sequencers, signal processors, DAWs, synthesizers, and samplers. The ability to send and receive audio, midi and sync data between any combination of devices would be incredible.

  • Javier Blanco

    We should create a list the things we don’t find useful anymore (if there’s any…) or that at present are akward and need a complete remake. i.e. Bounce Replace all tracks leaves all the plug ins loaded, with not visible midi data present???

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