Logicblog.info’s Top 15 Articles For 2011

The Popular Posts list you see on the right side of this blog, only shows what’s been popular since I have made the switch to WordPress, so those stats are rather young. To close of 2011, here’s a list of the 15 most-read articles of 2011. From a place with short shadows and tall cocktails, I wish you all a kick-ass 2012!

  1. 20 Free Audio Unit Plugins Worth Checking Out
  2. OS X Keyboard Shortcuts Every Logic Pro User Should Know
  3. How To Play Logic Pro’s Pitch Correction Plugin In Real-Time
  4. Logic Pro X – What If We Could Talk To It?
  5. Another 38 Audio Unit Plugins Worth Checking Out
  6. Parallel Compression – Digging Deeper
  7. Vocals On Varispeed: Thicken Up Vocals Plugin-Free
  8. Awesome Group Fading In Logic Pro
  9. How To Turn Logic Pro Into One Mean Loop Mangling Machine
  10. So You Think You Can Bounce?
  11. Tips To Make Delays Wider In Logic Pro – Part One
  12. Midrange: The Golden Centre
  13. Instant A/B Switching in Logic Pro…How?
  14. Exploring Logic Pro’s Transformer Object
  15. Tips On Organizing And Bouncing Aux Buses In Logic Pro

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