Logic Pro X – What If We Could Talk To It?

logic pro x

What if Apple ported Siri, the new voice-controlled assistant for the iPhone 4S, to Mac applications?

What if it worked with Logic Pro X? At the moment, Siri can access your calendar and events, interact with contacts, set alarms, send emails etc. That’s the basic stuff. For Siri to have value in Logic Pro X (X as in ‘future version’), it would need to evolve further. It would have to be aware of every function that Logic Pro offers, it would need to have an awareness of the gear in your studio (audio/midi interfaces and what is connected to them, and what they are), a solid understanding of music theory (the current version of Logic Pro isn’t half bad at recognizing chords), and a full grasp on what your third-party plugins do exactly, and an unlimited log of every edit made in a project. A big task to accomplish, but rocket science it is not.

In the end, we’ll still be working with our ears mostly, but it’s fun to think about it. Here are some of my tasks I’d like to give Siri – and see executed succesfully. One day…

Simple Questions

  • Siri: display key command for last edit
  • Siri: make new project, 12 stereo tracks, evenly distributed over three buses named “drums”, “bass”, and “synths”
  • Siri: fade out all regions, except lead vocal
  • Siri: highlight all looped regions with non-rounded region length
  • Siri: set all velocities to 100, notelength to 60, except for selected subpositions
  • Siri: make an offsite back up of the current project

More Advanced Questions

  • Siri: undo boost at 4Khz on lead vocal
  • Siri: find most prominent frequency of selected audio region
  • Siri: set up parallel compression for track 1 with 3 most used compression plugins
  • Siri: shuffle plugin brands of selected track
  • Siri: unpack selected takefolder, align all comps based on comp 1
  • Siri: on measure 19, change mode to Dorian, on measure 23, suggest a chord substitution
  • Siri: find all homemade apple loops containing solo guitar recorded within 3 semitones of song key
  • Siri: setup outboard on track 1, with Distressor, Massive Passive and HEDD

Last – But Not Least

  • Siri: show overview of all boosted frequencies on green tracks. Separate overlaps by 500 Hz
  • Siri: make stems based on color, zip, upload to server, text mastering engineer “Woot! Uploading Now!”
  • Siri: update all my audio units tonight at 11PM. Mail me any changelogs
  • Siri: Show most recent Billboard Top20 entries with a 64 bar guitar solo

Got any good ones? The comment section is open…

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  • Anonymous

    Would be cool – I’m loving Siri… but more importantly…
    “Logic Pro X…. wouldnt it be great if Apple ever released it….”

    I love logic made the switch from DP after 15 years –  And I would really love to see Apple gain market share and the DAW to get the respect that it deserves ; however, Apple seems very distanced from its Logic users base. PT, DP among others actually have people to talk to regarding tech issues.
    Reason has released a video promo for Reason 6, PT did it with 9 – (hell, PT is starting to do it with PT10 – I’d hate to say Avid release 9 and 10 before apple gets 10 out of the gate) – Given Avid’s recent issues – and admittedly forced to move to native – This is Apple’s chance.
    I believe that this rebuild of Logic will have the fingerprints of Dave Leopold – PT guru – that Apple hired a few years back – cant wait to see what he’s added.
     I think Apple needs to have some concrete release info and psyc up the recording/priduction community – with some concrete info and release info LP X

    • Hey Orcasound,

      I fully agree, Apple Tech support is virtually non-existent. Even though self-help goes a long way 
      thanks to dedicated sites like logicprohelp.com and the like – Apple should be way more ‘out there’, 
      addressing issues that even these communities get stuck on. Live Tech Support is the way to go, I think. 
      Let the community help itself out, and let Tech Support address the unsolved, bigger issues. 
      Wouldn’t it be great if we’d get immediate feedback on crash reports we send in? With actual answers like
      ‘this is a common crash and can be resolved by…’ or ultimately ‘this is a known bug and will be resolved in
      a future update”.

      How did your move from Digital Performer go? Is there anything you miss?


      • Tom

        Hey guys,

        as a long-time Logic Pro user, I am not seeing the current situation any problematic. Logic Pro 9 is a fantastic DAW and includes some of the best virtual instruments around. The rate at which the latest updates dropped in does indicate that Apple cares about the user base. I remember previous times, where updates were very rare. This has changed much to the better.

        As for Logic X, I doubt that it will be there anytime soon. For sure the former Emagic guys are working hard on enhancing Logic, but I do not see any pressure. It will be better for them to take their time, instead of rushing out a new version. FCP X was for sure a little something in the wrong direction (which Apple is now slowly going to correct) and my hope is, that once Logic X is there, it will not suffer from the same problems FCP X has.


        P.S.: Great Blog!!!

        • Hey Tom,
          Thanks for stopping by. I’m sure they’ve learned from that debacle…
          I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with – a drastic change to
          the timeline? Hmmm…
          P.S. Thanks!

          • Tom

            Hey Dennis,

            yep, I am very excited too 🙂 Having seen the awesome Melodyne implementation in Presonus Studio One 2, I hope that Logic´s going to have that as well in the future. Personally, I am not so much looking forward to “drastic” changes but more to subtle enhancements, such as a better media browser or a consolidation of commands. Given how hard it was to switch from C-Lab Notator to Logic back in the days, I am not so much into major changes anymore (yeah well, that´s with us dinosaurs).


  • Anonymous

    The move from DP went incredibly well – I had purchased L9 on a whim – as Im an apple freak – and thought I needed it. This was in August of 2009.
    I planned on sitting down with it between sessions and really getitng into learning it – I couldn;t switch “cold turkey” in the middle of client sessions – nor did I want the client to sit and wait – while I was fumbling with a new DAW on their dime – so – I ended up joinigng the LUG, LogicProHelp, and ordered a bunch of vids from groovebox (Eli and Doug Zangar are awesome) – I sat in the studio after my work day – with paper and pencil in hand taking notes on the vids – a week later I was watching the vids with Logic open – and in another week – I was drooling over the fact that I had to switch soon. By the end of October I had the whole studio switched over – 
    While there are litlte things that I miss – like the coloring of tracks, some audio editing capabilities that were a bit easier to get too.. etc – imho, they are not deal breakers – I must say that Logic to me  – got ideas from my brain to the DAW quicker than anything else  –  For me, it fits my workflow -and I found myself being much more productive – (and I was on DP/P for 15 years)…. In addition, because the DAW fit with the way my brain did – I found myself having a renewed desire to create and believe it or not – It has not worn away – 7 days a week – I still love opening the program when I get in the studio.
    Does it have its quirks – Amen…. and the frustrating thing is that  – they could be fixed rather simply – by the L9 team.
    But all in all – It is probably the best 500 I’ve eve invested in  my studio.

    Now with all that said – LP X needs to hit the streets – I would expect it to arrive this coming week.


    • Orcasound,

      You can color tracks. In the Arrange Window, ctrl-click a track header, and select ‘Configure Track Header’,
      then enable ‘Track Color Bars’. In the Mixer Window, while having a track selected, open up the color palette with
      option – C. Pick a color and the color should be assigned to the track. Any new regions you record on the track
      should have that color.

      So, this coming week huh? You know something I don’t? 😉

  • This is a cool article. I’m still not convinced Siri is as precise as it would need to be to keep up with commands like those you mention above, but give it a few years.

    • Hey Chris,

      Thanks. My thoughts exactly. It’s nice to think about this stuff.
      Not too far-fetched, if you ask me… Cheers!

  • Nicholas_webb1980

    My mac would blow up loool

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