Giorgio Sancristoforo’s Max/MSP Based Mac Apps

Meet Giorgio Sancristoforo, an artist, musician, audio engineer and software developer based in Milan, Italy. Giorgio incorporates Max/MSP into his artistic projects, and currently sells three audio applications for Mac on his website that are based on cycling74’s object oriented audio and video manipulation environment. All applications sell for €10.69 each (a little less than $15.00). The applications require a PPC or Intel Mac running OS X 10.4 or later. Support for Lion is not yet available.

Gleetchlab 3

Gleetchlab is a “realtime modular composition and processing tool for sound design and experimental music. It’s designed to process audio files and live sound sources in realtime. It does not use a “timeline”, instead you can process and record sound as it plays and store every parameter into ten temporary presets.” Gleetchlab is used by over 10.000 people in forty countries. Video:


Berna is a “software simulation of a late 1950’s electroacoustic music studio. Oscillators, filters, modulators, tape recorders, mixers, are all packed in a easy-to-use interface with historical accuracy. Explore serial, concrete and tape music or create strange new sonic worlds with instruments inspired by the greatest studios of the early days of electronic music.” Video:


Giorgio Sancristoforo's Endless

Endless is “generative software that will play endless ever-changing ambient music. You can control the performance with 5 buttons that turn each instrument on or off.”

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