Quick Sidechain Compression in Logic Pro With Klopfgeist

A well known technique for sidechain compression in Logic Pro is this one:

  • Put a four to the floor kick on an Audio Track, with no output, like so:

logic pro sidechaining

  • Insert a Compressor on the track you’d like to be compressed ‘on the beat’, like so:

logic pro sidechain compression

You probably know the drill by now. When you’re in a real hurry, why not skip the kick programming part entirely?

You can use Klopfgeist as a source for that kind of sidechaining too. Open up the Environment Window:

logic pro klopfgeist

You’ll see that the Klopfgeist instrument sits on Instrument Object number 256 (its default location). This is the instrument that provides the metronome click in Logic Pro, when the metronome is active in the Transport Bar. Instrument Objects cannot be a source for sidechaining, so I’ve routed it to a bus, which has no output. Keep in mind that the metronome click is now inaudible, so give this bus some output again if you need it for recording.

logic pro klopfgeist presets

Be sure to check out some of the Klopfgeist presets. There are some bassdrums in there. You can alter the Release Time with the Damp slider. Set the ‘Level via Vel’ slider to zero to make all beats equally loud.

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